Pog Meaning – What Does Pog Mean on Twitch?


There are 129 definitions of POG, divided into eight categories. These definitions will help you understand the word. Here are a few examples: PogTron, Pog, and Pogchamp. Each word has a different meaning, so take a moment to read each definition before you use it.


The PogChamp is an emote used on Twitch to express joy, excitement, and shock. Twitch streamer Ryan Gutierrez uses it to indicate his feelings about something. Its popularity is due to its uniqueness, as many other streamers do not use it.

The Pogchamp is a fun expression that shows a person’s shock and excitement when they get shocking news. It can also express disbelief. The term is often used to describe the moment when a person’s jaw is hanging open wide in astonishment.

The PogChamp emote was created by Twitch streamer Ryan Gutierrez in 2010. It was a reaction to the cameraperson knocking over a camera. It was added to the Twitch global emote database in 2012. Players can use it in chat during livestreams to show their reactions. The word PogChamp was derived from an old game called “pog.” Ryan Gutierrez and Mike Ross were playing the game at that time.


The Pog facial expression originated on Twitch and is now one of the most popular emotes on gaming platforms. It expresses amazement, surprise, and joy. It is also used to show respect for achievements achieved in video games. Thousands of people use this emote on gaming platforms and chat forums.

This emote shows a wide-mouthed man looking at the camera. It can be used to express shock or even to make an otherwise uninteresting situation look exciting. Originally, the Pog emote was created by Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, who created it.

The emote is not available on all streaming platforms. The original PogChamp emote has been removed from Twitch, but other versions of Pog are available. BTTV and FrankerFaceZ both still offer their versions of the emote.


In 2021, PogChamp emoted replaced Ryan’s face with that of the komodo dragon. The emote is used to indicate excitement during a stream. The face of PogChamp was previously Ryan Gutierrez. To make the game more accessible to younger viewers, he has replaced his name with that of a fictional character.

The PogChamp emote reacts to someone being awesome during a gaming stream. Its origins date back to November 2010, when Gootecks created the image in response to someone knocking a camera into the stream. Later, Twitch banned the emote after offensive tweets were made about it. Even so, Pogs continue to have a special place in Twitch culture.

The term “POG” stands for “Play of the Game” and is often used to describe the positive behaviors of a streamer. It is also used sarcastically. The emote “PogChamp” is popular on Twitch and is often used to show support and encouragement.

PogTron emote

PogTron emote is a fun and humorous way to express surprise while watching a gaming stream. The image of a surprised streamer is one of Twitch’s most popular and dates back to November 2010. Streamer Gootecks created the emote in response to a video that showed his camera getting knocked out. Later, the emote was banned from Twitch due to threatening tweets. Despite the controversy surrounding the emote, the Pog has a special place in Twitch culture.

The PogTron emote has two variants: PogU and PogTron. The former refers to a game, while the latter is used for media and teleoperation. It is also sometimes used as a form of praise or approval. It can also be used in a sexual context.

The PogTron emote has spawned several derivatives and is often used to applaud another player. It is used instead of the more formal “cool”, “awesome”, or “epic.” The emote is often used humorously by streamers and gamers to show support for one another.