Duviri Fishing in Warframe


Duviri fishing is a new game mode that offers players a stripped-back Warframe experience, featuring combat encounters without side activities such as hunting or gathering.

The Drifter can assume control of a creature known as Ravenous Maw and send it into bodies of water near Duviri to feed its hunger – while earning resources and possibly Decrees along the way.

Maw Feeding

The Ravenous Maw is an insatiably hungry creature found hunting prey in Duviri’s bodies of water. Players can engage with this NPC by feeding it in exchange for Decrees and rewards that may only be gained through fishing in its surroundings. Decrees can even include materials exclusive to fishing.

Kullvero’s Bane is a prized resource used for crafting some of the new weapons released with The Duviri Paradox, but to acquire it, players must complete Kullvero’s Hold during Fear, Sorrow, or Anger Spirals and defeat its final boss to unlock blueprints that can later be created with Acrithis. Completing this mission may yield Kullvero’s Bane; otherwise, it will only drop after considerable grinding has occurred!

In addition to its main storyline, The Duviri Paradox also boasts an abundance of side activities for players to engage in. Players can collect resources, fight new enemies, including an Orowyrm boss fight, and unlock many weapons and Blueprints.

Many activities available through Opportunity Intrinsics Rank 3 include Kaithe Racing, Komi Gathering, and Shawzin Playing; those seeking something more challenging may try Maw Feeding, Herding Fishing, or Connla Sprout Extract gathering missions instead.

Carrie Chan, CEO of the company behind this initiative, hopes that cultivating maw will reduce demand for its natural counterpart, which threatens certain species with extinction due to over-exploitation for high-value maw meat harvesting. Cultivated maw is harvested from non-harmful species neutral fish found wild in China and then enclosed within an artificial, animal-friendly capsule for preservation.


As players explore Duviri, they may encounter various peaceful wildlife. These non-hostile animals don’t need saving and can be petted freely – unlike their Void-addled counterparts, who may become aggressive due to unexpected attacks.

Conservation is an optional side activity that rewards players with Decrees, Resource Formations, and more. To complete it, players must interact with three orbs that appear around an animal to initiate a quick-time event that allows them to subdue and purify it; once stopped, it will reveal its treasure chest, which grants resources such as Drifter Intrinsics or Decrees for reward.

Other side activities include herding livestock (using either the Kaithe or an Intrinsic of Rank 10 Riding Intrinsic). Herding can yield various resources and the chance at rare Enigma Archive Decorations from Acrithis; each Enigma Puzzle offers different themes, and completion unlocks additional resources.

Players will also discover various Roulettes and Hidden Chests throughout the city, each rewarding multiple Resources and potentially rare Melee Mods!

Players can also unlock Shawzins – guitar- or sitar-like devices that will respond to Drifter actions and play music as they proceed. Completing all songs in a single run on one Shawzin rewards you with a Decree!

[DE]Pablo explained during the Tennocon 2022 developer Q&A panel that Duviri serves a similar role to New War’s Temporal Studies class, acting as an entryway between timelines. As such, its rogue-like experience generates random Warframes, melee weapons, and primary/secondary equipment combinations as you enter. But Origin System still lets players choose a loadout and upgrade weaponry with available Mods; Duviri even allows players to practice combat skills with Teshin’s Cave!

Infested Fishing Spear

Fishing spears are one of the easiest ways to catch fish in this game, making the spear the go-to weapon for most fishermen. Equip it through your gear, head outside to one of the eligible bodies of water, such as Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, or Cambion Drift, and hold down the weapon switch button (default Q) until pulling out your weapon (intended to travel a certain distance depending on where your crosshair lands and firing. Aim down range when you see an eligible target, then fire off when seen! Your spear will travel a certain distance depending on where your crosshair lands, but height loss must be compensated when throwing, so aim slightly above fish for best success!

Once your spear hits a fish, a minigame begins that requires you to press the fire button whenever the marker lands in the red section of the gauge. While this system can sometimes be buggy, it will help get fish quicker. Once you have mastered this minigame, upgrade your spear from Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus or The Business in Fortuna who both offer Shockprod Fishing Spear for 500 Standing; though soon outdated by Stunna Fishing Spear, which features an additional special effect of stunning nearby Servofish, thus making fish-catching minigame much simpler!

Player-caught fish can be exchanged for Standing, converted into generic resources, and used to craft K-Drives or Kitguns. Furthermore, their fish guts may become repair components for Warframes and other weapons.

As with fishing on Orb Vallis, Venus features a 24-hour day/night cycle, which may impede the visibility of certain Servofish. Furthermore, regular spears from Cetus may damage these creatures, thus decreasing their trade-in value when trading back with The Business; the Stunna Spear offers a practical solution and should be chosen when fishing Deimos.

Golden Maw

The golden maw is an infamous legend in Duviri that lurks within its lakes and ponds, feeding off fish while frightening citizens from Duviri’s shoreline. Its horrid gaze has long inspired both courage and madness among those brave enough to stare into its depths; feeding The Ravenous Maw activity allows you to collect its resources – its teeth may even help craft two-handed weapons such as Syam or Azothane introduced in The Duviri Paradox update!

Visit the Orbiter’s Habitation segment to access this fishery and collect resources such as Golden Maw and other duviri species, with more fish caught yielding more fantastic rewards. Plus, this facility houses its own Aquarium so that you can display all your impressive catches!

Fishing activities offer various fishing resources, the chance to acquire live versions of certain fish for placement in Orbiter’s aquarium, access Duviri-related items from Acrithis, or install Incarnation Genesis upgrades with Cavalero. The more fish caught during a single attempt, the greater will be its rewards.

Duviri is filled with intricate puzzles that require multiple players’ cooperation. Look out for Glyph plates, strange beings from another time or place, and other odd events; solving these riddles will bring with them unique rewards!

Enigma Gyrum is a special token awarded for solving a Duviri Enigma and can be redeemed in Acrithis’ Wares to purchase the Watchful Paragrimm Decoration.

Default Mod Configs are optimized builds designed to quickly introduce new Tenno to the power of iconic Warframes and weapons in Teshin’s Cave. These customizable builds offer quick ways to experience their potential.

Dax that are capable of performing melee attacks such as stabs and slashes as well as summoning damaging fields to attack enemies, or perform Precise Parrys – defensive maneuvers which involve timing a Melee block at exactly when enemies attack to cause additional damage and inflict Knockdown Immunity on them – are found throughout Duviri. This Dax can also perform Precise Parries to thwart these opponents. These Dax can be found all across Duviri.