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London, Ohio’s Funeral Home, is situated 2.5 miles away from downtown. They specialize in funeral planning services such as obituaries, costs, cemetery directions, and guestbooks; additionally, online obituary creation can also be provided at this location. Visit today to gain more insight into these services!

She was a fantastic mother, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother, and friend who will be sorely missed by everyone she met.


Henry Eberle settled here from New Jersey during the 1940s, becoming an accomplished tile setter known for quality marble and tile work. He became an active member of Longhill Township’s Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club – two organizations where his efforts will be remembered by those he was close with. Henry will be greatly missed.

Bill Eberle hails from Quaker City (Guernsey County), Ohio, and moved to London in 1973. Working under Mr. Geer, Bill purchased it in 1981 as Eberle Funeral Home, becoming sole owner until August 2003 when Dana Fisher became a full partner and Eberle-Fisher Funeral Home became a reality.


Burial places human remains into graves, mausoleums, or other places to rest for eternity. A burial often includes a funeral service with wake services, visitations visits, and final resting places being decided upon; cremated remains may either be kept in an urn or scattered; small objects, photos, and children’s drawings can be placed into niches in mausoleums and columbaria for future viewing and care.

An obituary is a notice that announces a person’s death, provides details about the funeral and related services, and lists their survivors. An obituary can be published in newspapers or online, typically including photographs.

Eberle Fisher Funeral Home at 103 N Main St in London, Ohio, provides funeral planning and related services to Madison County. Their offerings include preplanning services, funeral etiquette education classes, memorial flowers for funeral obituaries, online obituaries, guestbook directions to cemeteries, guestbook directions cemeteries, and preplanning. Under federal law, funeral homes must provide consumers who request it with a general price list which must include their name and address as well as prices of services offered by that funeral home as required by federal law to protect consumers against unfair or misleading pricing practices – these lists must include information such as their name/address as well as prices of services offered.


As our society becomes more accepting of nontraditional memorializing ceremonies, more people opt for cremation over traditional burial. Cremation provides greater flexibility when planning services and numerous options for storage and scattering of ashes – many at significantly less cost than casket burial – plus funeral homes specializing in cremation can offer more tailored options to families.

Cremation may pose some risks; therefore, it is wise to consult your local health authorities and crematoriums about their safety standards before final arrangements for cremation are finalized. Most necessitate those making configurations signing a written document acknowledging they understand the process – often explaining as well.

Ashes are typically returned to the family in a simple container that can be kept long-term or placed in an urn or scatter tube that is more personalized – many come with various sizes and finishes available for you to select. You may scatter them anywhere on private property without restrictions being enforced, though prior consultation should always be sought with local government before doing so on Crown- or municipal-owned land.

In some instances, memorial services may be held before or following cremation. This can be especially helpful for families who want their loved ones remembered according to their religious beliefs and preferences. At these memorial services, their body can be displayed openly or closely depending on your wishes; some funeral directors may advise embalming before viewings are planned or extended wait times between death and funeral arrangements.

New York State law mandates that funeral home operators provide prospective customers with a general price list for products and services offered via phone or in person. This enables consumers to make more informed decisions when planning arrangements and compare costs more efficiently.


Eberle Fisher Funeral Home of London, Ohio, provides comprehensive funeral services from burial to cremation, preplanning, and grief support. Their professional staff can guide you through funeral etiquette, personalize tributes, create online obituaries, and provide information about funeral costs in Madison County.

Funeral services provide an essential point of closure after experiencing loss, signaling the start of collective mourning and sharing memories, receiving condolences, and bidding farewell to loved ones who have passed. Funeral homes create ceremonies that allow their guests to begin grieving together.

Under the Funeral Rule, funeral homes must provide a general price list to anyone requesting one, whether in-person or over the phone. The list must include all expenses associated with a funeral, including transportation to the cemetery and fees related to viewings or visitation services. This law aims to protect consumers and ensure they receive quality services from funeral homes.