Destiny 2 Fishing Report


Season of the Deep’s fishing minigame has quickly become a fan favorite with Destiny 2 players. Reeling in Legendary and Exotic fish helps players progress through triumphs, earn rewards, and even unlock new gear!

But it can be exasperating when Public Events interfere with your fishing session and wipe away your progress since these disruptions also erode Focused Fishing buffs.

Fishing in Destiny 2

Fishing is one of the exciting new activities offered in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. Players can fish for rewards such as exotic armor and ascendant shards in this minigame. Still, players may find its nature somewhat frustrating, particularly those who aim to maximize the Focused Fishing buff meter because it resets when Public Events appear near fishing locations. Players often cannot make up lost time quickly enough.

To begin fishing, players must first accept Hawthorne’s quest step, “Gone Fishin,” at the Tower and access designated fishing locations across all planets in the game. After obtaining a fishing tackle box in their inventory, players can visit fishing ponds marked on their map as fishing locations; to start catching fish, they should stand directly over one and interact with it before placing a cast net over it.

More players contributing to a pond’s Focused Fishing buff meter means an increased likelihood that an exceptional or rare fish will be caught. Though RNG will play a large part, players can drastically improve their odds by forming fire teams of three players; doing this increases the chances of upgrading any rarer variant fish they catch to rarer variants.

Once a player has caught a Legendary or Exotic fish, they can bring it to H.E.L.M. and display it in their aquarium – this gives them a chance to earn Reckoning weapons, which are reskinned of existing weapons in-game, though you’re not guaranteed one every time an exotic fish is caught!

Destiny 2’s fishing remains enjoyable for players looking to unlock end-game loot without engaging in lengthy Public Events. Indeed, its introduction has led some players to forego their efforts at turning Public Events into Heroic Public Events in favor of dedicating more time to fishing.

Focused Fishing

One of the more surprising additions to Destiny 2 in Season of the Deep is an exciting fishing minigame. While not as in-depth as traditional MMO fishing games, this activity serves as a welcome respite from salvaging Golden Age tech on Titan or diving deep into Kraken Mare and is an effective way to relax for a time.

To fish, players will first need to visit Hawthorne at Tower Bazaar and purchase a fishing rod from her before venturing onto patrol areas in search of suitable spots for fishing. You can store up to 500 bait at once by participating in activities like Salvage Dive mode, Deep Dive mode, patrols, public events, playlist activities, or Destiny’s new quest involving Broken Blades.

Each time a player catches a legendary or exotic fish, the Focused Fishing meter on the left side of their screen fills gradually – as more Focused Fishing meters fill, so too do your chances of encountering Exotic species during fishing sessions. While RNG determines when and how often an Exotic species appears, increasing your Focused Fishing level increases this rare bounty’s likelihood.

Fishing with others is the key to increasing your chances of spawning an Exotic fish. Forming a fire team and fishing together will fill up the Focused Fishing meter faster than going solo or with one other person; however, there’s no guarantee you’ll catch legendary or exotic species when fishing as part of a group. RNG always plays its role.

Once a player has caught an Exotic fish, they can return it to H.E.L.M and earn various rewards such as weapons from Reckoning or seasonal weapons packs, gear items, or reputation with Sloane. There’s also the possibility of receiving exotic armor with good stat distribution when turning in an Exotic fish!

Fishing Spots

Fishing in Destiny 2 offers an enjoyable way to earn rewards while relaxing from all the shooting and combat. One of its most relaxing activities, fishing can also be done together with friends or clan members – though finding lucrative fishing spots may initially prove challenging. Here are a few tips that might help.

Before beginning fishing in Destiny 2, you will first require bait – either purchased from Suraya or earned through activities in-game. With your trick secured, head to one of the designated spots identified by an orange message on your Fishing Tackle, including those at EDZ, Throne World, and Nessus. These ponds often yield Legendary or Exotic fish, which can be turned in for rewards through H.E.L.M.

Once at your fishing location, press and hold the interact button to cast your line. Please wait for your bobber to enter the water before pressing it again to catch fish. Dropped off at H.E.L.M. Aquarium will reward you with various items depending on which type of fish was noticed; legendary or exotic weapons may even be awarded!

More players fishing together means faster progress towards filling your Focused Fishing meter – this meter determines your chances of catching rare or exotic species; higher scores indicate better chances.

Note that fishing ponds may disappear when public events occur in their vicinity; if you’re having trouble finding one, try clearing away any current events before looking again.

Once you’ve located an ideal fishing spot, keeping enough bait stocked up for multiple visits to the fishing pond is vital. Furthermore, saving up XP to upgrade both rod and appeal would be prudent.

Fishing Rewards

Destiny 2’s water-themed Season of the Deep introduced an intriguing fishing minigame, providing players with a relaxing respite from salvaging Golden Age tech on Titan and diving Kraken Mare on an emotional note. Although fishing may not offer as in-depth an experience as its MMO counterparts do, it presents an enjoyable new distraction and shouldn’t take much effort.

At first, you need some bait – which you can obtain by completing Salvages, Deep Dives, playlist activities, public events, patrols, or collecting destination materials. With your trick in hand, visit one of three fishing pond locations (EDZ, Nessus, or Savathun’s Throne World) with a fishing pond: EDZ, Nessus or Savathun’s Throne World; then hit interact to begin fishing; hit it again when the prompt appears for fish. Once caught, return it to HELM, where it will be dumped into the aquarium and receive rewards!

Every time you catch a fish, your rewards depend on its rarity. At a minimum, this includes earning Sonar Station Reputation and one Upgrade Module; higher-quality fish could provide extra goodies such as rare gear items or even Legendary Reckoning weapons from this season’s Seasonals!

As you catch more fish, decorative items for the HELM aquarium will become available. Some can be unlocked by completing particular triumphs – like seeing all Exotic species or the highest yield for each type. Overall, fishing can be an entertaining and straightforward way to earn rewards in Destiny 2, especially when finding that rare Exotic catch, but PvP and Dungeons remain essential components of Destiny 2 gameplay as many players need more action-oriented gaming experiences to satisfy them.