Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review


The Toyota Yaris hybrid is one of the more attractive small cars on the market. It offers great looks, an intelligent, efficient drivetrain, and some of the latest safety technology.

Its top-spec ZR hybrid model is priced close to the Corolla big sibling – and yet it packs class-first autonomous driving aids, a hybrid engine, and a host of convenience features that help justify the premium price.


The Yaris hybrid is designed to be one of the safest small cars on the market, with Toyota’s state-of-the-art safety technology. Standard features include a low-speed pre-collision system that sends you a visual and audible alert if it senses an impending crash.

Another safety feature is a driver and front passenger Whiplash-Injury-Lessening seat, which helps to reduce the risk of serious injury in an accident by cushioning the impact. The vehicle also has front, side, and curtain airbags that can deploy to help protect the occupants in an accident.

The Yaris is available in various equipment grades, from entry-level Icon to a high-spec Launch Edition model. It costs from PS19,910 to PS24,005 for the base model and is an excellent choice for buyers looking for a well-equipped compact car.

Fuel economy

The Yaris hybrid is an excellent choice for drivers looking for a fuel-efficient car. Its impressive performance on the road will make your commute a more enjoyable experience and will help save you money over the long term.

Compared with a petrol-powered Yaris, the hybrid uses around 33 percent less fuel. That’s not a massive saving in percentage terms, but it does mean you can save a fair bit of cash if you drive a lot.

Aside from the fact that it has excellent fuel economy, the Yaris hybrid also has many other features that you can take advantage of. For example, its safety systems are top-notch, and its design is built to help protect the environment.

Ease of driving

Designed to be the most affordable full hybrid on sale, the Yaris hybrid is a practical and economical small car that looks great too. It’s easy to drive, thanks to an intuitive touchscreen system, and has all the essential equipment you’d expect.

It’s also good for the environment, with emissions as low as 92g/km. Its CVT automatic gearbox and electric motor run much of the time on electric power so you can get up to 55mpg in town driving conditions.

The petrol engine has to do more work on the motorway, and fuel economy drops, but it’s still a good return for a small car.

Ride quality is good, and the suspension soaks up bumps pretty well, though there’s a firmer feel to the GR Sport trim’s suspension set-up, so we’d probably avoid it for a smoother ride. It’s easy to park, too, thanks to a reversing camera standard across the range.


The Toyota Yaris hybrid is one of the best-looking small cars on the road, thanks to its unique styling at all trim levels. It also offers good safety features and great value for money.

The Yaris Hybrid has an Atkinson-cycle petrol engine that can be operated in a fuel-saving eco mode or more responsive power mode. Its 67kW/120Nm outputs are supplemented by a 59kW/141Nm electric motor generator and compact lithium-ion battery.

With a combined maximum power of 85kW, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is impressively solid and responsive, with a smooth and engaging driving experience. It’s also pretty economical, with fuel consumption figures of 2.8 liters/100km1 in the city and 5.8 liters/100km1 on the highway.

As you’d expect from a Toyota, the Yaris Hybrid’s interior is well-designed and spacious. There are several storage areas and a generous glovebox. There’s also a handy tray to store your phone underneath the central armrest.