Asian Names With a Unique Flair


Asian names possess a unique charm. Not only are they beautiful, but many also hold deep meanings beyond surface appearances.

Dewei is an exquisite name that means highly virtuous, making it an excellent selection for any baby girl. This lovely and meaningful name will make her feel memorable and distinctive.


Parents looking for an Asian name that sounds Western may consider selecting Chan, which means “pile of rocks.” This symbolism could serve as an appropriate emblem of patience or faith. Furthermore, this term has also become an informal nickname for Chan as one of its meanings is often applied as a nickname for this popular male Chinese name.

Are You Searching for an Asian Name That Sounds Similar to Western Ones? Consider Nori. This Cambodian name, similar to Kara and Daria, makes an excellent option for your little girl. Awkwafina of Awkwafina fame gave Nori its moniker; other identical Asian girls’ names may include Ai, Biyu, or Mina.


Tenshi is an adorable Asian name that translates to “angel” or “heaven’s child.” This charming moniker makes the ideal moniker for your precious angel. Additionally, Leo Moon signs are passionate and loving individuals ruled by the Sun and have fire elements within their personality, which make this name ideal.

Other Asian names with meaning include Aiguo and Koboshi. Aiguo is a Chinese term meaning “fierce warrior,” while Koboshi translates to “snow.”

An Asian boy’s name with meaning can make for a practical, distinctive choice when selecting his name. These meaningful names will instill in your son a sense of his heritage and culture while paying homage to an influential historical or modern Asian figure. Or choose something more familiar to American audiences, like “John Smith.”


Dewei is an exceptional name for any baby boy – its meaning and character traits will ensure they develop a great sense of humor and an appreciation of art and literature. These individuals tend to be highly expressive when communicating, quickly making great connections through conversation with people. Their name makes an attractive choice. Dewei makes for an outstanding name choice.

Parents searching for traditional Asian names with meaning will find Aiguo an ideal selection. This name, which translates to patriotism, will inspire your little boy to stand out in a crowd. Other meaningful Asian words include Aizen, which means wisdom king, and Keitaro, which means sword.

Sakae is an adorable Asian name for baby girls that means prosperity – making it the ideal choice for parents seeking to give their child something that will bring wealth and happiness in return.


Hai is an Asian name with meaning, making it the ideal name for an adventurous little boy. The sea turtle symbolizes wisdom and prosperity, making Hai an excellent pick!


Comedian Awkwafina’s real name is Nora, meaning honor or light. For an Asian name with a unique flair that stands out, consider Nora for your daughter.

Raiden is an Asian name with sugar and spice; its strong presence will stand up over time, marking it as a leader from day one. Namesakes include Rijin – the God of Thunder and Lightning in Japanese mythology. You could call your little prince Raiden or Kaiden, depending on current trends in American boy names – don’t feel bound by calling it either of those nicknames, though, as these can permanently be changed later if necessary!


Parents rejoice at welcoming a baby girl into the family, so why not choose an Asian name that reflects this joyous event? These names offer beautiful meanings that will guide her growth into an extraordinary lady in years to come.

These names will help your little girl shine as the shining star they know they will become. Many are even inspired by popular places in Asia, allowing her to connect with different cultures.

If you prefer Western-sounding names for your boy’s name, consider Ken. It is prevalent in Japan and the US and has many famous namesakes – even Mattel named their doll after it! Keitaro means blessed in Japanese; showing your son they are indeed a blessing is also an effective way of conveying that message.


Duc is an ideal name for parents looking for an exotic virtue name for their child, as this Vietnamese term combines two names (Nguyen Phuc and Ton That Thuyet (Emperor Duy Tan).

People with this name tend to be determined in their pursuit of goals and known for their kindness and compassion – making this an excellent name choice for parents who hope their baby will become an exceptional individual.

This Asian name will make your child stand out from the crowd. People with this name tend to be calm and composed, yet distinguished for their creativity and intelligence – an ideal name choice if parents wish for their baby to develop into someone creative or imaginative as well as wise and thoughtful.


Dingbang is a timeless Asian name that symbolizes Asia’s rich heritage and culture. For boys, this name stands as an inspirational representation. Dingbangs are very driven individuals who strive hard to reach their goals.

You are an independent, resourceful individual with a keen sense of responsibility and excellent organizational systems in place for getting things done efficiently and reliably. Your attention to detail allows you to anticipate issues before they even appear! You are highly observant, seeing potential threats before they even arise!

Your dreams are your own to achieve; all it takes is support from friends and family to realize them. People born under your destiny number 4 typically possess strong motivation for success, which often manifests into life accomplishments.


Dechen is an excellent Asian baby name that means “great happiness”; your son will surely bring endless happiness with this fantastic moniker! Dechen is also the name of a Tibetan autonomous prefecture and lunar crater in Tibet.

People named Dechen often possess an inherent talent for creative expression and see beauty everywhere around them. Generosity comes naturally, as do acts of charity such as helping others. Additionally, these leaders possess exceptional team management abilities, allowing them to effectively oversee any organization or team.

The first vowel in your child’s name can show their personality and outlook. Children with this first vowel tend to be independent thinkers who thrive without external direction; they’re adept at making new acquaintances throughout life; those with such names also exhibit strong motivation to succeed and aren’t afraid of hard work.


Goo is an Asian name with an ideal meaning for baby boys: completeness. Reminding them they’re always enough is a beautiful way to nurture self-worth in children who might otherwise feel insecure about themselves.

Munna is an adorable nickname and represents something significant – meaning love in Hindi culture. Your little one’s Munna name should encourage them to spread light and love worldwide.

Aiguo is a Chinese name sure to make your budding patriot stand out, as well as two famous Chinese districts that use this moniker. Rest easy knowing your child will become an outstanding citizen as they navigate life’s obstacles.


People with this name tend to be peacemakers, motivated to resolve conflicts and promote harmony. Their understanding and compassion make them natural healers and visionaries – they won’t rest until they are dedicated to something worthwhile.

Jiang is a masculine Asian name that means “chess piece king” or “to checkmate.” This name will help your little boy portray strength and intelligence.

Kana is an Asian feminine name that translates to “wonderful.” You will make her unforgettable with this gorgeous name! Kana will create an impactful name that is sure to impress. Your sweet girl will surely shine as an artistic soul through music, dance, and writing – with strong connections with friends and family that allow her to inspire them and be an excellent leader!