How to Find the Best Landscaping Companies


An attractive yard and garden not only look good but can also add value to your home. Hiring a landscaping service helps maintain its best appearance, from plant selection to lawn maintenance. Choose the landscaping Mountain View ca.

We evaluated landscaping companies based on three criteria: convenience/full service, small businesses, and environment friendliness. Below are some of the best landscapers around:

Convenience/Full Service

The best landscaping companies provide an array of lawn care services, which allows them to meet the needs of residential and commercial property owners alike. A full-service company could assist with projects such as installing landscape rocks, installing fire pits or sprinkler systems, and adding firepits—even tree removal, weed control, and pest control services may be provided as needed.

An easy way to assess a landscaping company is by visiting its website and viewing photos of its work. A good company will also have a portfolio and list of satisfied customers they can reference; this will indicate quality work as well as whether or not it would suit your lawn perfectly.

Landscaping companies should make it simple and seamless for their customers to book service appointments, whether this means online booking forms, social media, or client hubs on websites. A customer support team may also prove invaluable in answering any customer queries quickly and efficiently.

Landscape maintenance businesses should utilize software to streamline and increase efficiency in their operations. Jobber’s client hub enables customers to manage appointment schedules easily, review quotes, request service details, and submit payment – saving landscape maintenance companies time while giving customers peace of mind they feel informed and valued.

Small Businesses

Landscaping companies assist homeowners with maintaining healthy gardens and lawns that add beauty and value to their homes. Landscaping services vary between companies, so you must select one that best meets your needs and requirements.

Some of the top landscaping companies provide a range of services, while others specialize in specific areas like trees and shrubs or hardscapes. When evaluating companies, look for ones with comprehensive lists of available options and prices; this will enable you to easily compare apples-to-apples when making your selection and help ensure you select one that best meets your home or business’s specific needs.

An excellent landscaping service should be licensed and insured with liability coverage in case anyone is injured while working on your property. They may also hold certifications from industry organizations to demonstrate their level of professionalism; additionally, having an online quote request form allows you to contact them quickly.

Many of the best landscaping companies offer customers a satisfaction guarantee to give them peace of mind. While the specifics of this guarantee may differ depending on each business, it typically reads something like this: “If you are not happy, we will re-do it.” Additionally, many sites feature video case studies of their work to demonstrate their skills and build trust among potential customers.

Environmentally Friendly

Landscape companies with strong environmental credentials use eco-friendly practices that help maintain beautiful lawns. Their natural fertilization methods minimize their ecological footprint; for instance, instead of bagging yard waste, they compost it so the nutrient-rich grass clippings can return to the soil as nutrients. Furthermore, this method helps conserve precious water resources and conserves water usage.

Eco-friendly services may also include removing nonnative plants and mulching with composted leaves, eschewing pesticides or herbicides, and making their work better for the environment. Some may even provide water-saving sprinkler systems for their clients’ gardens.

An additional way of determining whether a landscaping company is environmentally friendly is to consider its insurance and license. When hiring contractors, be sure they carry both liability and worker’s compensation policies, as this will provide homeowners with additional protection in case their property or someone gets hurt during work performed by contractors.

Landscape contractors that are both bonded and insured tend to be more reliable. Insurance coverage protects homeowners in case of any damages caused by contractors; for your own protection, it is advisable to ask for written estimates that clearly outline project costs, including labor and materials. Competitive quotes should ensure that the expectations of both the homeowner and the landscape company are met.


Landscape companies with solid track records typically offer top-quality services at reasonable rates with exceptional customer care and satisfaction guarantees. Customers should read online reviews to gauge how they have been treated in the past and gauge a company’s reliability.

If you’re planning an update to your outdoor space, consider working with a full-service landscaper who provides both design and lawn maintenance services. Sweet Earth Landscape Design serves Holliswood, New York, and Beach Lake, Pennsylvania – this woman-owned company can assist with garden coaching, renovation services, sustainable landscape designs, as well as lawn care such as mulching, mowing, trimming, and fertilization services.

Some full-service providers specialize in specific areas of landscaping, like creating patios and decks or installing water features. Others excel at finding cost-effective upgrades for your yard, such as adding rock projects or planting perennials; many provide affordable packages or bundles for these services, which can even be completed simultaneously.

If you’re seeking professional landscaper services, make sure they have an impressive track record and reputation for fair and straightforward pricing. Some landscapers offer satisfaction guarantees on their services to show that they stand by their work, though each guarantee may have unique criteria such as set periods and reporting procedures.