How to Take and Share Notes on Your iPhone


If you use an iPhone, you probably already have the Notes application. It is a note-taking app available for the iOS operating system and macOS’ OS X Mountain Lion. It is designed to write short text notes and synchronize with the iCloud service. Using the Notes app, you can easily take notes while on the go and share them with other devices using iCloud.

Apple’s Notes app

The Notes app on Apple’s iPhone is a free tool that is often underused. It allows users to create and save notes. It also works on the iPad and Mac. Messages can be locked with a password or Touch ID to prevent unauthorized access. For added security, users can also enable Face ID and Touch ID to lock the notes.

The Notes app allows users to organize notes by tagging them with keywords or tags. They can also create smart folders based on tags.

Sharing notes

You can share notes on your iPhone by swiping from the right to the left of the letter you’re using and then tapping the share icon. You can also share your notes using Messages, Mail, or other chat applications. On some models, you can also share notes using 3D Touch. From your iPhone’s Notes app, select “Share Note” and then tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the screen. You can also share multiple notes at one time by creating a folder.

To share your note with a friend or family member, you should open it on their iPhone. Then, tap the “Share” button and tap “Share.” Your friend will then be able to view and edit the message if you share it with them. You can also share a note with an iCloud account.

Locking notes

Locking notes on your iPhone is an easy and secure way to keep personal content private. To do so, go to Settings -> Notes -> Password. This will let you change the Password for all notes. You can also change the Password for specific notes. If you forget your old Password, you can constantly update it with a new one.

Once you’ve set the Password, you can change the Password for specific notes and set a hint to make it more difficult for others to open your messages. You can also use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your notes, which is faster than typing a password. You should also set a password for any message you may have that contains sensitive information.

Taking notes with Siri

Taking notes with Siri is an excellent way to take notes on the go. Siri can create notes while standing, driving, or reading. You can also use Siri to add text to an existing message. If you’re writing a long letter, you can use punctuation to separate words or a “New Line” to move on to the following line.

To start, you’ll need to open the Notes app. Once you’ve opened it, you’ll see a text box containing the note’s title. Tap on the label, and Siri will create a message. The letter will be automatically saved in the Notes app so you can check it later.

Exporting notes as PDF files

The Files app on your iPhone offers a few options for exporting notes as PDF files. If you want to share your notes with others, you can double-tap the letters in your file manager and select Export to PDF. The PDF file you’ve created can be easily shared through email, Messages, and AirDrop.

You must first open the Notes app to export your iPhone’s notes as PDFs. From there, select a message and click the More icon. You can also tap the Share button to open your third-party account. Once you have selected a note, pinch out and zoom in to view it in a new window. When the print options window appears, choose Save as PDF and name it accordingly.