A Day on the Boardwalk With a Boardwalk Bike


Boardwalk bikes offer the ideal way to experience a day on the boardwalk, providing a reliable and comfortable riding experience without breaking the bank. Popular among riders of all ages and used as part of resort and rental fleets.

Now that coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, OG’s Boardwalk is open to cyclists. Staying in the bike lane, you will see typical boardwalk shops, such as Playland’s Cyclone Ride and Glass Maze, as you pass by them.

Comfortable Ride

Our Boardwalk bike is the classic cruiser you have always dreamed of. With its upright riding position, plush saddle, and wide handlebars for comfortable rides, our Boardwalk bike provides a superior vintage cruiser experience. Plush components ensure long-term use – making this lightweight model suitable for resorts and rental fleets alike!

No matter your cycling skill level or experience level, a boardwalk bike offers a fun and safe way to explore all that the boardwalk has to offer. This type of bicycle was explicitly designed to allow easy pedaling, with its front suspension helping smooth out rough surfaces; additionally, it’s very user-friendly, making hills a simple feat.

Boardwalk bikes offer the ideal solution for people looking to enjoy the boardwalk without breaking the bank while being suitable for people with bad knees who would rather avoid the pains associated with walking. They are an economical solution to enjoy this enjoyable activity.

If you’re vacationing in Atlantic City, its four-mile boardwalk should not be overlooked. Walking could take all day and leave you exhausted by the end of it all; to maximize your trip and experience more, consider renting a Dahon Boardwalk folding bike from Dahon Boardwalk Rental.

This folding bike features a strong metal frame that can accommodate riders up to 6 feet tall, as well as an adjustable seat post and stem that allows you to customize it for your height. Perfect for beginners and casual riders alike, folding or unfolding it takes only 15 seconds.

Dahon Boardwalk folding bikes offer many benefits, one being their lightweight design, which makes them highly portable. This bike can easily fit in a car trunk or on public transportation, making it great for commuters. Not to mention, they’re comfortable to ride even over hills and bumpy terrain!

Easy to Fold

If you need an easy-to-fold and store bike, look no further than Dahon’s Boardwalk Folding Cycle. As one of their more cost-effective bikes, this folding cycle provides a comfortable riding experience while being effortless to maneuver for both men and women alike.

Dahon Boardwalk folding bikes stand out from other folding bikes by offering easy assembly. This is made possible thanks to their distinctive design, which allows users to attach seat posts, stems, and handlebars without using tools – making this bike particularly user-friendly for beginners who may lack experience with bikes.

The Boardwalk bicycle’s folding mechanism is strong enough to carry up to 230 pounds, taking just 15 seconds to fold and unfold – an acceptable time considering its intended use as an everyday bike for short journeys. Furthermore, this bike offers excellent stability on uneven roads or old pavement.

The Dahon Boardwalk folding bike is an excellent starting point for people new to folding bikes who are looking for something simple yet cost-effective to maintain. Unfortunately, its one-speed design may be insufficient for some riders; also, make sure your frame can support a child, as this may also be necessary.

The boardwalk offers an engaging biking experience with plenty to see and do along its length. Shop trinkets at souvenir shops or Louis Vuitton purses at Playground Pier; stop for saltwater taffy or enjoy gourmet breakfast in one of its restaurants; it makes for the ideal romantic stroll with someone special or family outing!


The Dahon Boardwalk Folding Cycle is an excellent option for anyone searching for a bike to meet daily riding demands. With its classic design and high-quality construction, its classic aesthetic makes it suitable for cyclists of all sizes, while its lightweight build and folding mechanism make it great for travel: fold up or down easily when packing into a suitcase or taking public transit!

Attractions along the Atlantic City boardwalk range from trinkets at small souvenir shops to Louis Vuitton purses on Playground Pier; all are sure to find something of interest here! When your feet tire you out after all that shopping, indulge in saltwater taffy or gourmet breakfast near or on the boardwalk for a treat – after all, this is vacation!

Please take advantage of your bike ride along the Atlantic coast by riding for hours along its boardwalk, which features bike lanes that allow for safe exploration without worrying about traffic. Wear a helmet, stay aware of pedestrians and fellow riders, and keep an eye out for pedestrians or other cyclists as you make your journey.

For an extended trip, take Route 611 through Margate and Longport until reaching a low-lying road that skirts marshland. Cross a bridge before proceeding onto Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, where there is an expansive boardwalk with yellow pine promenades decorated in herringbone patterns, open from sunrise until 10 am for biking enthusiasts.

The Boardwalk is one of the largest and cleanest spots on the Jersey Shore, thanks to the locals who purchase engraved planks to help preserve it. Due to its position, it sheltered it from some of the damage that affected neighboring towns and counties; even after being struck by Nor’easters in recent years, it remains an icon of fun and frolic.

The Dahon Boardwalk is one of the more budget-friendly bikes offered by Dahon, featuring a lightweight yet sturdy chromoly frame designed for comfort. Plus, its rear rack mount makes attaching accessories or luggage simpler – this versatile ride can serve both commuters and families.


Boardwalk bikes are an economical and straightforward solution for enjoying leisurely rides without breaking the bank. Available in various colors and styles, boardwalk bikes can be found for purchase anywhere you find bikes for rent – an excellent way to test drive new models before making an investment decision.

The Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike is an ideal solution for those who seek a classic cruiser-style bicycle without spending a large sum of money. Boasting a classic design and made from high-grade materials, this bicycle features alloy V breaks as well as the rear back. Plus, its lightweight frame fits easily into a car trunk!

When selecting the proper boardwalk bike, a number of considerations should be kept in mind. First and foremost, take note of your surroundings; terrain plays an integral part; some boards are flat while others require higher gears or different bikes altogether. Furthermore, consider how many people will use the bike at once; larger bikes allow groups of people to stay together as you ride together.

Bicycling the Ocean City, NJ, boardwalk can be an unforgettable experience for beachgoers. Not only is the space open and clean, but unlike some parts of New Jersey where Hurricane Sandy caused significant destruction last October, OCNJ’s wooden planks survived relatively undamaged despite having some storm gratings that may make traversing harder for narrow tires.

To avoid these issues, it is advisable to use a bike with wider tires. However, this should not pose a great deal of trouble during summer when Ocean City becomes overrun with visitors and locals alike. Plus, there are ample bike racks, so you can leave your bike secured while shopping or getting some ice cream! With additional time on your hands, you could also ride to nearby communities such as Margate or Longport or take the bridge that cuts across marshland towards Ocean City itself.