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Atarashi Chiheisen Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest suppliers of industrial electronics, elements, and electrical materials within Japan. It supplies consumer electronics to almost all areas of the company, increasing its scale, efficiency, reliability, comfort, etc. Whenever Atarashi Chiheisen entered the actual international market, it only increased its position, and many foreign spouses and customers appeared. Simultaneously, new tasks and tasks dictated by the rapidly building electronics market appeared. Get the Best information about Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment.

In 2016, Japan was the major country to recognize Bitcoin as a legal means of payment. Within the same year, a small passion of one of the employees with regard to cryptocurrencies and mining gear grew into a whole enterprise. It was very interesting but simultaneously very risky to develop a brand new direction. Atarashi Chiheisen required a risk. And it almost all worked out. Against the backdrop from the global frenzy around cryptocurrencies, they created a separate department for trading cryptocurrency mining or prospecting equipment – Atarashi HQ.

In this segment of the marketplace, the demand for miners has usually exceeded the supply, and this scenario remains unchanged until now. Atarashi HQ always tries to function directly with hardware producers (Bitmain, Canaan, MicroBT as well as INNOSILICON) and buy large pots if possible. But sometimes these people buy new equipment through crypto startups if they for whatever reason could not start their organization.

Atarashi HQ always maintains reasonable prices just below the market typical. They care about turnover, not really overpricing. When turnover is actually high, the company minimizes logistics costs and reduces products delivery time. Atarashi HQ never works by pre-order, however always sells what they possess in stock.

Atarashi HQ takes pride in its small business, and always upholds the high requirements of Japanese business tradition. Thousands of customers and a large number of partners worldwide have said thanks to their work. Atarashi HQ would be glad to have a person as one of their customers or even partners.

If you want to partner with a really reliable provider of cryptocurrency mining equipment, welcome to Atarashi HQ.

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