Swag Academy Reviews Forex Training Programs


The Swag Academy is a forex training course. It offers four levels of learning. Series 1 consists of 32 lessons and costs $499. It will teach you the basics of forex trading. The course is not recommended for advanced traders. If you’re already comfortable with forex trading but don’t want to spend $499, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Series 1 (32 lessons)

If you are new to Forex, you may wonder what The Swag Academy offers. In the past, this company has offered many different courses, each aimed at a different skill level. However, their new course, Forex Blueprint, combines all of these into a single, comprehensive course that lasts 10 hours. It offers basic forex strategies and explains trading psychology, risk management, and taxes.

The first series is an introduction to the world of forex trading and teaches forex strategies for beginners. The second series delves deeper into trading psychology and risk management, and the third builds on the previous series. Series 4 emphasizes risk management and taxes. However, there are some shortcomings to this program. Before purchasing this course, therefore, you should make sure that it is suitable for your needs.

As far as technical trading is concerned, Swaggy C explains it entertainingly. The videos are easy to follow and break down complicated concepts into easy-to-understand chunks. It also doesn’t use jargon. Each lesson lasts just a few minutes, but the course has ten hours of content. You can join the Swag Academy community if you want to learn about technical trading. Many traders on the platform share trading signals that are not genuine.

Price of the $499 course

Despite its price tag of $499, The Swag Academy does not deliver what it promises. It teaches only the basics of forex trading, not advanced trading techniques. While it has some valuable content, most of it is based on YouTube videos and is unlikely to make you any money. However, The Swag Academy can be a good start if you have no prior knowledge of forex trading. Fortunately, the founder of The Swag Academy explains everything in an easy-to-understand way.

The course includes a video library with over 100 lectures. The Swag Academy series four is made up of 38 lessons. Each video covers a different topic, such as risk management. In addition, the videos cover market structure, psychology, taxes, and trading strategies. In total, nearly one hundred videos cover all aspects of the program.

The Swag Academy offers lifetime access to all materials. This means you’ll never have to pay the total price for the course again. Moreover, you’ll get access to updates and other content for life. In addition, the course comes with a mobile app, allowing you to access resources anytime, anywhere. You can even message other members and ask for advice. You can also suggest new course topics for future training.

Duration of course

The Swag Academy’s course is a good choice if you’re new to the forex market. It is self-paced and features several training videos to help you learn about the different aspects of forex trading. The videos are short, and Swaggy C explains each concept in easy-to-understand terms. As a result, you won’t be bombarded with technical jargon and will learn quickly. The course also features four different levels of complexity.

The Swag Academy’s course is designed by Chris Williams, better known by his YouTube name Swaggy C. He is a day trader and former reality TV star. He first started trading for extra money and then quit school to do it full-time. He has since gone on to make millions as a day trader. Swaggy C’s YouTube channel has high production values and boasts that he earned $10 million in the past year through daily trading. However, despite the hype, his results are unproven.

The Swag Academy course consists of 38 lessons. These lessons are broken up into three modules. Module one covers the basics, while modules two and three covers more advanced topics, such as tax law and risk management. Moreover, there are about 100 videos in the course. The course will teach you about the various types of trading, psychology, market structure, and even how to trade legally. However, the course is not cheap. Depending on your financial situation, you may need to build some savings before taking the course.

Drawbacks of course

While the Swag Academy is a good option for newcomers, it does not cater to advanced traders. The program is mainly video-based, and you are unlikely to make any money with it. There are four levels of complexity, and the price tag is $499. Whether you decide to join this program or not, knowing precisely what you’re getting into before investing any money is essential.

One of the most significant drawbacks of Swag Academy is that it is not free. This program isn’t worth paying thousands of dollars to learn how to trade Forex, so it’s better to pay a smaller amount and get started. Likewise, it doesn’t provide signals or recommendations to make your trading successful. In addition, Swaggy C doesn’t offer a certification program, so you won’t get any formal education by completing its courses.

The Swag Academy is run by Chris Williams, a well-known television personality for his wildly popular YouTube channel. Although his YouTube channel has excellent production value, the training videos are only adequate for the beginner. Additionally, although Swaggy C claims to have made $10 million over the last year through trading, his claims are contradictory and inconsistent with his disclaimer.