Wirecutter Pet Insurance Review


Wirecutter Pet Insurance is a great way to protect your Pet. Not only does it offer a discount, but it will also take away the stress of worrying about whether your Pet will be taken care of if something goes wrong.

Prudent Pet

Prudent Pet Insurance has been offering pet insurance to customers since 2018. The company has several plans, ranging from accident and illness to preventative care. They have a few add-ons as well.

Prudent offers an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It also has several positive reviews on Trustpilot. However, it does not have many customer reviews.

Prudent Pet is based in Illinois. However, you can purchase their insurance in the District of Columbia and all fifty states. The company also offers discounts for military members.

Prudent offers two standard plans. Their lowest-cost plan covers eight wellness benefits. The other method is more comprehensive, covering nine wellness benefits.

Prudent has a high reimbursement rate of 70% to 90%. You could get reimbursed up to $500 for your Pet’s losses.


If you’re looking for a pet insurance policy, it’s wise to do some research. First, you’ll need to get quotes from several different providers. The best way to do this is to call an insurance agent or financial advisor.

Some of the best sources of pet insurance information are fellow owners. Check online forums, support groups, and reviews to see what others say.

Nationwide offers two primary pet insurance plans. One is called “Whole Pet with Wellness” and covers routine vet care. It also provides an exotic pet plan.

The primary medical plan is less comprehensive. It pays a set amount for each condition but doesn’t cover behavioral treatments.

Nationwide’s exotic pet plan is for cats and dogs. Like its pet insurance for humans, it has a $250 deductible. In addition, the company offers a discount for current policyholders.


Lemonade pet insurance is the new kid on the block. It is not available in all states, but it does exist in many of the conditions that matter. The company has a sizable portfolio of insurance plans for cats and dogs. They also offer a free AI-powered mobile app that helps you choose the best plan for your feline friend. You may want to shop around to get the most out of your investment. Lemonade is available in 37 states plus the District of Columbia. Its premiums vary depending on your Pet’s age, gender, and health history. It also offers a 10% discount on bundled policies. You can get a quote in a matter of minutes.

One of the best features of the Lemonade pet insurance plan is that it is a bundled plan, meaning if your Pet were to develop a health issue, the insurance company would cover it all. That entails spaying and neutering in a pinch.


When researching pet insurance, you must understand the different coverages and options available. Whether you are looking to protect your dog from unexpected medical expenses, or you want to make sure your family dog has a backup plan in case he has an accident, you should shop around.

You can also learn a lot by reading pet insurance reviews. The best source for this information is your fellow pet owners. They can be found online in forums, review sites, or support groups. Depending on your needs, you may need to consult with a financial advisor or veterinarian.

Spot pet insurance offers coverage for both accidents and illnesses. Accidents include X-rays, surgeries, and hospitalizations. Illnesses are covered for both congenital and acquired conditions. In addition, the accident and illness plan covers microchip implantation, poison control consultation fees, and vet-recommended behavioral therapy.


If you’re in the market for pet insurance, it’s worth taking a look at Figo. They offer an impressive number of features, including the pet cloud, the company’s web-based medical record storage and claims management system. In addition, Figo has a mobile app.

The Figo cloud also includes several features, such as a live chat with a vet and payment processing. But its most unique feature is a “transparency report” that helps determine your pre-existing conditions.

Another exciting perk is claim-paying software that pays your veterinarian directly. This takes some of the hassles out of reimbursement, and there’s no limit on the amount of money you can receive.

In addition, the Figo pet cloud has a few other useful features, such as the ability to search for veterinarians nearby. Figo also has a free, downloadable app for managing and organizing your Pet’s records.