Bajaj Allianz Term Insurance Review


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Bajaj Allianz term insurance plans offer a wide range of benefits. With premiums that can be paid either quarterly, half-yearly, or annually, you can choose the Plan that best suits your needs.

If you are looking for life cover and the security of a tax-free return, consider investing in Bajaj Allianz term plans. These plans offer an attractive range of features, such as an increasing cover, a comprehensive critical illness rider, and the option to receive your death benefit in installments.

The main aim of a whole-life plan is to provide financial protection to your family if you pass away. Entire life plans come in several variants, including the Lifelong Assure Plan, which provides a death benefit until the policy is closed. Another is the Life eTouch Online Term, which offers critical illness coverage and lowers the premiums for non-tobacco users.

In addition to the various life insurance products available, Bajaj Allianz also offers a savings plan. With the option to invest in a portfolio, the Plan provides a chance to earn a steady return over a long period.

Bajaj Allianz also offers ULIP (Unit Linked Investment Plan) exposure, which can result in better investment returns. You can choose between the Gold and Silver variants of this Plan. There are also riders, such as an Accidental Permanent Total/Partial Disability Benefit Rider, which provides a lump sum payment in the event of a permanent disability.

You can also opt for a pure-term insurance plan like the Life Smart Protect Goals. This Plan provides you with term coverage for up to age 99 and the option to receive your entire premium back on maturity.

Another plan that provides multiple benefits is the Invest Assure. Besides the life and terminal bonus, the Plan offers various rider options, including a disability rider and a critical illness rider.

Bajaj Allianz is one of the largest private life insurance companies in India. Its presence in the market is strong, and its online presence is robust. They have 509 branches nationwide and 80k agents operating on their platform.


Bajaj Allianz is a leading company in life insurance and savings. It offers a variety of insurance plans, from traditional endowment plans to micro-term programs. In addition to that, it also provides protection and investment plans. These plans help to provide a secure future for your family. They are designed to meet the needs of the modern Indian lifestyle.

There are four different types of plans that Bajaj Allianz offers. The first type is the traditional endowment plan. This Plan ensures the best returns at the minimum cost.

Another type of Plan is the unit-linked endowment plan. In this policy, a part of the portfolio is invested in equities to generate higher bonuses. This Plan also provides a comprehensive risk cover.

The next type of Plan is the participating life insurance policy. Here, a part of the portfolio is invested, and the procedure is redeemed on the maturity date.

A non-participating term insurance plan is called the iSecure Plan. This policy provides a joint life cover at a meager premium rate. Moreover, the premium can be paid monthly, half-yearly, or yearly.

An immediate annuity plan is the Pension Guarantee. This Plan helps to provide a regular income at the time of retirement. Also, the payouts are guaranteed, and the policy is tax-exempt under Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act.

Finally, there is the Young Assure Plan. This policy provides life cover and a guaranteed maturity benefit. If the policy is in force, the amount received is tax-exempt under Section 10 (10D), and nominees are also exempted from taxes. However, if the procedure is terminated within two years of its commencement, the death benefits will be paid as per the terms of the policy.

One of the most essential features of these plans is that they are designed to suit the requirements of the modern Indian lifestyle. With the Bajaj Allianz plan, you can earn investment returns, enjoy insurance cover, and save.

When choosing a Bajaj Allianz life insurance plan, you must enter your details, including your mobile number and email ID. You can also pay the premium online using a credit card or net banking.