Why Polyurea Training Is A Must


Polyurea coatings are used to safeguard various structures and surfaces. From protecting wooden to concrete surfaces from abrasion and corrosion to lining tanks, ponds, and canals with polyurea coatings – polyurea provides comprehensive protection. Obtain the Best information about polyurea training.

Polyurea application requires costly plural-component spray equipment that requires training to operate effectively and affords numerous advantages; some of these advantages may include:


Polyurea has experienced exponential growth due to its diverse set of advantageous qualities. For instance, it adheres securely to concrete, metal, and wood surfaces while withstanding various temperatures and humidity conditions. It’s no secret that polyurea has become so popular: thanks to these properties.

Polyurea requires more knowledge and equipment than most coatings or paints, making mistakes easy if an applicator lacks training. Attending polyurea training courses teaches contractors how to prepare surfaces properly before mixing materials correctly, as well as proper application techniques.

Training polyurea products correctly is crucial to meeting industry standards and client expectations. The top providers of polyurea training possess extensive expertise, offering both online courses and in-person classes for contractors looking to work with this material. Furthermore, certification programs allow them to obtain all required credentials.

Training contractors on polyurea applications is also highly beneficial, as it teaches them to become experts in their field. By learning to prepare surfaces before mixing and applying material properly and correctly handling equipment and safety requirements, they will build their reputation while developing relationships with new clients and strengthening existing ones.

Polyurea training will also equip them with the knowledge to inspect finished products and detect flaws, helping them avoid conflicts with clients and ultimately improving their bottom line.

ArmorThane stands out as one of the premier providers of polyurea training, providing instruction to newcomers and experienced coating professionals alike. Their courses provide extensive guidance in surface preparation, mixing procedures, and using appropriate sprayers and tools for each job.

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Adherence to Industry Standards

Applying polyurea coatings without proper training can cause numerous problems, including non-adherence to the substrate, contamination, and inconsistent application. Such issues can cost contractors considerable amounts; they must possess the required knowledge and expertise to mitigate such costs.

Teknos provides comprehensive polyurea training courses to anyone interested in becoming a professional applicator of its products. Each session covers material chemistry, unique characteristics and behavior, safety issues related to failure causes and solutions, and proper application and spray techniques. Once they complete these classes, they can confidently apply Teknos products, knowing their expertise meets industry standards.

Polyurea is not your typical floor coating and requires special care and training in its use to achieve success. Due to the two fast-acting chemicals necessary for mixing and application, any mistakes could affect an entire project and have serious repercussions, so training should always be provided when using polyurea.

Teknos provides both online and in-person training to teach people how to use its products, with certification programs helping professionals earn recognized qualifications that demonstrate experience levels – providing an ideal way to secure more work!

Polyurea training also can assist contractors in optimizing their return on investment (ROI). By making more out of their coating system investment, contractors can offer better services and increase profits, positively impacting the environment while staying competitive in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

Regarding polyurea training, finding a company with an excellent reputation is paramount. ArmorThane stands out as an outstanding provider that offers courses and certifications from beginner through advanced levels for those hoping to become experts in polyurea application techniques. They cover topics ranging from preparation techniques and equipment usage through preparation techniques and more!

Network Building

Through hands-on training, you can join a network of polyurea coating professionals. This community can help expand your understanding of the industry and increase the chances of repeat business from satisfied customers; you could even leverage it for referrals and other opportunities. In addition to networking, attending a polyurea spraying class will teach you more about equipment requirements for applying this material – giving you more confidence when performing your work and helping build up your professional status in this industry.

Polyurea is an elastic material created through step-growth polymerization using synthetic resin and isocyanate-reactive materials, producing non-toxic, durable, and flexible material suitable for many different substrates. Aliphatic versions offer glossier surfaces that are more resistant to UV radiation, while aromatic ones offer excellent color stability.

Polyurea coatings offer incredible durability and flexibility and are extremely impact resistant, making them suitable for protecting machinery in harsh environments such as military bomb blasts. Furthermore, hospitals use them to ensure patient safety and infection control measures are in place.

Polyurea’s versatility as a sprayable coating material means it can be customized for various applications, from industrial flooring and wall protection to food processing facilities and chemical plants. Plus, its ease of cleaning and maintenance makes it a popular choice.

Polyurea is an ideal material for lining ponds and tanks, from water storage systems, wastewater treatment plants, aquaculture ponds, and canals to pump rooms, helping reduce cavitation erosion while improving efficiency.

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Improved ROI

Polyurea offers superior ROI compared to traditional floor coatings due to its rapid installation time. As an application system, polyurea provides a faster return on investment than its rivals by helping users quickly get back into use after installation; for commercial businesses, this means reduced revenue-losing downtime; for homeowners, it means getting their garage or patio back to normal much quicker than with other floor coatings.

Polyurea is a highly flexible, challenging, and resilient coating with numerous uses. Sprayed on surfaces to add cushioning, elasticity, impact resistance, chemical, and oil resistance, as well as air/vapor barrier properties; additionally, it can create waterproof membranes or act as air/vapor barriers; it comes in various colors and surface textures with slip-resistant additives to suit specific project needs while being suitable for different temperatures and can even be applied directly over existing concrete substrates.

Teknos offers an intensive 2-day polyurea training course for anyone interested in understanding its products and technology. This comprehensive program covers material chemistry, behavior, safety issues, failure causes/solutions/equipment requirements/applications, etc. – the first step toward becoming an official Teknos-certified polyurea applicator.

The Level I course combines classroom learning and hands-on spraying practice to prepare participants to pass an applicator certification written exam successfully. It is suitable for new or experienced spray applicators and is updated yearly to incorporate changes to industry standards, formulation developments, or application techniques.

A practical polyurea application requires a spray rig, which is a highly specialized and costly machine; fully equipped mobile units may cost over $100,000! For the safe operation of such machinery, comprehensive training must be provided to operate it effectively.

Employing a highly-skilled spray team is critical to any project’s success, and investing in polyurea training is one of the best investments a business can make for higher productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee happiness. Doing so could reduce absence and turnover rates for an organization – find out more about ArmorThane’s polyurea training today and discover whether it fits with your organization.

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