What is a Tumblr Stocking?


Tumblr is home to an energetic and creative group of social media enthusiasts who create posts from 5 Seconds of Summer to Harry Potter – and beyond!

Universal Studios successfully generated excitement for its film Ouija by reposting fanart and trailers online, ultimately gaining more viewers while saving 40% in earned media costs.

What is a stocking?

Stockings are tight-fitting garments worn to cover both feet and, sometimes, most of the legs. A specific form of hose, they distinguish themselves from tights/pantyhose (American English), hold-ups, or Cuban heels. Stockings may come plain or patterned and even feature Cuban heels, typically worn with garter belts or suspender belts for optimal use. Their name can also be used as a verb to cover or stuff something; moreover, it can serve as a noun indicating amounts, such as in “I was stocking up on groceries this week.” See more uses of stocking.

How to claim a stocking

Each stocking will include a “claim” button that, when clicked, registers that someone plans to fill it. This allows others to know that particular prompt is being worked on and is worth checking back on! Claims happen anonymously, so only the recipient will see who has claimed their stocking; multiple stockings can also be claimed at once and work done simultaneously; it is encouraged that you share love as much as possible!

Once you claim a stocking, it can be found in your dashboard under “claims.” When creating new posts on AO3, clicking this “post to fulfill” button will add claim info and let everyone else know you are working towards fulfilling it.

Some stockings contain tags with additional guidance for what the giftee would like in their gifts! This could include things such as their preferred rating or any specific characters/fandoms they may like – these may help tailor content directly to what’s being asked for! You don’t have to use all of these guidelines, but they may come in handy!

How to fill a stocking

Fills can take the form of any creative work imaginable – fiction, art, or video! Just ensure it relates to the Stuckony relationship! Crossovers and multiverses are welcomed, as well as AUs. If you need inspiration for what to create next, take a look at your giftee’s tags or wants as potential starting points.

Signing up gives you an opportunity to list your preferences – such as fandoms, relationships, or anything else – which will allow other participants to gain ideas for gifts you might like. In addition, you’ll be able to see which stockings others have claimed; feel free to claim some or all. For maximum impact when giving, aim for ones that haven’t yet been filled so your gifts match up precisely with what their recipient desires!

At the bottom right of each stocking, you will find a “Claim” button. By clicking it, you’ll let others know you are interested in working on its prompt. Plus, tracking progress allows others to know when it’s close to completion! Should your interest change at any point during its completion period – cancel your claim whenever convenient!

Toe and heel sections should be filled with small gifts that will engage and amuse the giftee, such as comics, magazines, activity books, or even their favorite candy bars rolled up and wrapped with a ribbon! This will keep them entertained while the remaining gifts in the center section remain unseen! This may include items like comics, magazines, or activity books; alternatively, you could wrap rolled-up candies in ribbon to make your toe or heel section complete!


There are some general rules to abide by in order for this event to run smoothly. First and foremost, fills must focus on Tony and Bucky – platonic or romantic works are both allowed, provided they focus on their relationship. Use prompts as guidance; feel free to go beyond them when creating your fill. Crossovers or AUs may also be considered valid works as long as they feature their relationship as the cornerstone.

Use of copyrighted images without authorization is illegal in most countries, including reblogging someone else’s photos unless you own the rights to them or can establish Fair Use claims. Unfortunately, most copyright holders overlook Tumblr-related infringement since enforcement can often prove impossible.

Hate speech is prohibited on Tumblr. Do not post content that promotes hatred against any group or individual based on race, ethnic or national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, or disease. Furthermore, it is against our rules to post sexually explicit material such as pictures, videos GIFs, drawings, etc.