Panty & Stocking Cosplay


Stocking is a gothic angel with pink and violet hair who enjoys indulging her sweet tooth by eating an abundance of sugary snacks. She claims they do not add weight, enabling her to devour them as often as she desires. Stocking is generally more laidback than her sister Panty but can still become aggressive when provoked.

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Stocking Anarchy

Stocking Anarchy, better known by her nickname Panty Anarchy, is a gothic female angel capable of using her stockings as weapons to fight Gluttony and is the younger sister to Panty Anarchy; both represent sin. Although Stocking loves sweets, she remains level-headed and intelligent while possessing long violet/pink hair and teal eyes; though somewhat more reclusive than Panty, she still manages to charm both male and female admirers with her charms.

Panty and Stocking often wear their uniforms out in public, but they also possess several other outfits they rarely get to use. One such occasion was when Garterbelt requested they dress as police. Stocking’s business included a beautiful dark blue dress adorned with white stripes, silver open-toed heels, and a matching hat; she also sported white frills and bows adorning both her outfit and hair; her stockings boasted light blue lines as well.

One of our favorite looks from Stocking is her waitress uniform. Often seen when attending high school with her friend Panty, this look gives off adorable old-school diner vibes. Complemented by pink stockings and an appropriate pink hat – and with longer locks tied back with matching ribbon – it creates a charming old diner look!

The hat is red with a purple base and features purple feathers; a small crown is also present. Her clothing usually consists of dresses and skirts in predominantly black hue, along with some pink pieces adorned with flowers or bows, as well as her trademark stockings.

Finally, she owns a more playful angel costume. Panty and she use this outfit when pressuring demons to repent; it consists of a very pink dress featuring a white skirt and ruffles, along with white stockings that have small bows on them.

Stocking is an ISFP personality type based on her personality traits and MBTI type, with solid attributes including flexibility and open-mindedness as part of their Perceiving function, as well as Intuitive thinking, which includes creative problem-solving abilities, along with a strong sense of aesthetics – qualities which make her ideal for cosplay as an angel cosplayer! Furthermore, Stocking boasts other exciting aspects of her personality, which make her an engaging character, such as having an enormous sweet tooth for candy!

Panty Anarchy

Panty Anarchy, the protagonist of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt anime series, is an angel-esque blonde woman with an insatiable thirst for sexual fulfillment. Always looking out for someone new to screw, she can sometimes be rude when looking for men she wants. Additionally, Panty has the unique power to turn anyone’s pants into weapons.

Stocking Anarchy often leaves her younger sister behind when it comes time to sleep with one of her romantic interests. With a gothic-inspired appearance and fondness for sweets, Stocking Anarchy stands out as a fan favorite – yet her unique character sets her apart.

As well as her natural seductiveness, she’s very independent and will not allow anyone else to tell her what to do. This extends into her work as a ghost hunter, where she doesn’t take anyone lightly, similarly, when shooting first and asking questions later.

One of the most exciting elements of her character is her unique ability to detect ghosts – an advantage over all the other characters in the show, making her effective at hunting them down. Additionally, Heaven has given her a task she feels strongly committed to performing than anyone else on Earth.

Her unique combination of sexy appearance and gothic aesthetic set her apart from her sisters as well as other characters in the series. She could be classified as a Type 4 on the Enneagram, which could account for her strong sense of individuality and desire to stand out. But it could also explain her moodiness or overreacting in stressful situations.

The titular Girls are two teenage girls sent down from heaven to fight evil ghosts in Daten City. They possess an unusual power: turning specific garments into weapons specifically effective against spirits – even their panties can become weapons against ghosts! One such garment that transforms is the Backlace (pantyhose). Gainax produced and hosted this show that ran from October to December 2010 on BS Nittele. They could convert panties into more advanced firearms, such as submachine guns or sniper rifles. Hiroyuki Imaishi relocated to Studio TRIGGER in 2011, taking many of the production staff with him, and the show is currently on hiatus; however, its creators have teased a second season. Funimation and Crunchyroll offer episodes for viewers to view; additional manga works have also been created based on this anime; in addition to that, there has been merchandise created featuring Hiroyuki’s girls, such as figurines, manga, and video games featuring them.