Trends in 90s Mens Fashion


Men’s 90s fashion was defined by loose jeans and oversized sports jerseys in boldly colored pieces. To give off an urban aesthetic, these pieces often came topped off with an inverted baseball cap worn backward for added street cred.

Oversized graphic tees were also trendy. These eye-catching garments often featured vibrant logos and bright hues to draw the eye and catch everyone’s eye.

Grunge bands pioneered an angsty sound and style subculture that can be replicated today. Wear baggy jeans with frayed and distressed hems – such as those featured in Grunge bands to channel this look.

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans were an integral part of 90s men’s fashion. Men could pair them with light blue denim jackets and graphic T-shirts to show their street style, sometimes with patches, pins, or embroidery embellishments to further personalize their style.

This period witnessed the popularity of combat boots, initially utilized in military service but then widely adopted by rappers and celebrities alike. These rugged-soled lace-up shoes complemented hip-hop fans’ rebellious looks perfectly and were integral to revolutionary fashion trends then.

Fanny packs were an iconic look of the 1990s, particularly for West Coast rappers and hip-hop artists. Men used them to store valuables when out and about on the streets; nowadays, men can also opt for stylish leather backpacks as a modern alternative.

A classic ’90s fashion trend was the bomber jacket, which has since become a timeless icon of this decade. Best worn with high-top sneakers, denim jeans, and loose-fitting t-shirts for maximum impact, its distinct silhouette was beloved among rockers and gang members alike. At the same time, men can still rock this look today without as many baggy styles typical of its time.


One of the signature looks from the 1990s is the windbreaker. A casual style beloved among skaters and punks alike, its signature look was often combined with denim for added edge. Now back in fashion in bold colors to make an eye-catching statement!

Cargo pants were an iconic part of life in the 90s, featuring multiple pockets to store all your gear. Today they remain fashionable as an ideal alternative to shorts during warmer temperatures.

Oversized clothing was popular during the ’90s, with Tupac and LL Cool J becoming particularly well-known for wearing denim sizes too big for them. While this look was considered fashionable then, its time has passed.

The polo shirt has long been a go-to wardrobe essential. Popular among ’90s fashion houses like Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, polo shirts remain versatile enough to wear in various settings: casually pair it with your favorite pair of ripped jeans or elevate its appearance by layering it with a blazer and chinos for an elevated look.

Flat-brimmed caps first entered mainstream fashion in the ’90s, and they remain an effective way for guys to channel their inner rebellious youth. Avoid baggy styles that more suit hip hop style; opt instead for sleeker hats featuring logos.

One-Strap Down Overalls

Overalls came back in men’s fashion during the 90s, although with less baggy cuts. Instead of falling to the ground and swallowing up shoes, these overalls reached their entire height allowing a range of casual to sartorial styles, pairing well with everything from logo tees to flannel and sneakers.

Overalls are similar to denim workwear trousers, featuring adjustable straps at the shoulders and waist for an easy fit. Wear your overalls casually or dress them in an oxford shirt with a button-down collar or fitted turtleneck and tie for a polished look.

This 90s fashion trend can be challenging to master, but there are ways of styling overalls to help make it work for you. A girly take would involve pairing overalls with feminine sandals and an elegant necklace, or go tomboy-ish by teaming overalls with baseball caps and high-top sneakers; you could also pair overalls with jackets over plain shirts and blouses and add gold jewelry; other popular 90s accessories include chokers, gold medallion earrings with horn of life pendants/rings/hoop earrings/ smoky eye makeup/hairspray Alice bands/piercings.

Biker Jackets

In the 90s, biker jackets were an iconic fashion trend among men who desired to appear tough. This style featured a large collar with leather trim and was particularly popular among skaters, grunge bands like Nirvana or Mudhoney, urban culture trendsetters, and other urban culture icons. Today you can recreate this look by layering a casual shirt over a denim jacket and donning dark wash jeans – this style can still make a statement today!

Bike jackets can add the perfect finishing touch to an event outfit, whether that means attending a concert or a formal affair. A biker jacket will elevate any ensemble and make you appear fashionable – whether at an outdoor show, traditional dinner, or any other formal gathering. Make a bold statement with black leather by pairing it over dark-colored shirts like Destiny’s Child or Gwyneth Paltrow did in 1996!

Another memorable piece from the 1990s is a flannel shirt. In contrast to Western-style fitted Western shirts that fastened with pearl snaps, flannel shirts of this decade featured loose-fitting and padded pieces for maximum warmth – staples among skater subculture and grunge bands, still worn today and worn with jeans, Nike or Reebok sneakers, and a flat-brim cap for top style points!


Turtlenecks can quickly become part of your wardrobe as part of the 90’s mens fashion trend. While other decades promoted more polished, preppy styles, the 1990s promoted a more relaxed aesthetic, simultaneously encouraging loose clothing and experimentation between subcultures types. A turtleneck may also be worn underneath suits to show off your layer-laden fashion sense.

Windbreaker jackets were another iconic fashion style of the 90s for men’s clothing, first adopted by skaters and punks but ultimately becoming a mainstream mall store staple such as The Gap by mid-1990. Windbreaker jackets became fashionable yet relaxed, light and casual garments with multiple pockets and hood design elements.

Windbreakers were essential for those wanting to showcase their street style and love of West Coast rap music during the ’90s. Other clothing popular at that time included denim button-down Western shirts, black leather jackets with shoulder pads and patterned flannel shirts, and woolen hats in black, khaki, and brown colors, often decorated with logos of their favorite bands’ logos.

Bomber Jackets

In the 1990s, men’s fashion was bold and flashy. Men favored wearing baggy jeans or corduroy pants paired with flannel shirts, oversized T-shirts featuring 90s designs such as bandanas or flower prints were incredibly fashionable, and prominent jackets typically in black or red were worn as outerwear.

Bomber jackets were an iconic fashion piece in the 90s and have made a comeback today. Crafted from either leather or faux leather with multiple studs and zips for zip fastenings, often black or dark brown. Popular among skinheads, grunge, and hip-hop cultures but suitable for nearly every style outfit, bomber jackets have long since made a comeback!

Denim was an integral component of 90s men’s fashion. Men often donned outfits made up of several pieces of denim – either black or mid-wash – in either color – pairing light wash jackets with dark denim pants and white or black shirts for an all-denim look. Sneakers, Sperrys, or boat shoes in black or brown were popular, along with loafers, Mary janes suede sneakers, clogs, ballet flats, or keds; berets, floppy hats, gold/silver jewelry, as well as navel piercings were popular accessories at this time too.