AMC Fashion District


AMC Fashion District is an ultra-modern movie theater offering comfortable seating, exceptional service, and numerous dining and drinking establishments and bars.

Building owners are currently exploring various strategies to revitalize the streetscape. Their goal is to open up more entrances and provide street seating; additionally, more digital signage will be added on Market Street.


Are You Searching for Shopping Opportunities in Philadelphia? Look no further. Fashion District Philadelphia boasts an assortment of stores and entertainment venues, including Burlington, Primark, and AMC Theatres as anchor tenants; Round One Entertainment, bowling & entertainment center, can also be found within its walls.

AMC Fashion District 8 launched on November 4, 2019, providing Philadelphians their first dine-in theater experience. Featuring eight screens featuring reclining chairs with food and beverages delivered directly to your seat, two auditoriums support premium format screenings such as Dolby Cinema which is only available at select national theaters, plus more!

AMC Dine-In Fashion District 8 will open just in time to watch holiday blockbusters. Additionally, this new location is the flagship for AMC’s expansion into streaming, taking on Netflix and others in terms of competition.

Fashion District Philadelphia can be easily reached using public transit options, including SEPTA rail connections and several city and suburban bus routes that stop near it. Furthermore, the Philadelphia Greyhound Terminal, one of Philadelphia’s primary intercity bus stations, is nearby – making Moovit an effective tool to navigate public transit easily!


Philadelphia’s Fashion District Theater provides an upscale movie-watching experience with reclining leather seats and an in-house restaurant and bar, complete with Suburban wood-look tile floors in its lobby area as well as porcelain clad bar area and focal entry stair featuring metal edge Schluter strips for metal edge Schluter strips in treads and risers. In addition, there was also a new ticket and concession area constructed.

In addition to classic movie concessions such as popcorn and candy, AMC Dine-In at Fashion District provides a full-service restaurant-like menu served directly to your seat. Although this option is slightly more costly than traditional AMC concessions, its extra level of service and higher-quality food make up for any additional costs.

The MacGuffins Bar also offers specialty alcoholic beverages designed to complement featured films. Fans of Downton Abbey, for example, may enjoy sipping on Crawley Collins made with Aviation American Gin, lime sour, and ginger ale – while more costly than your average beer or wine, these cocktails won’t leave you too drunk: according to Noonan’s company data they average only one drink per show!

On November 4, AMC Dine-In opened at Market Street’s former Gallery shopping mall on its top floor, with eight screens, reclining chairs, and two auditoriums offering a premium format experience featuring Dolby Vision projection and Dolby Atmos surround sound technology. Furthermore, Fashion District 8 provides complete menu offerings such as Ultimate Nachos and dry rub wings for patrons’ dining pleasure.


The Center offers a luxurious cinematic experience with recliner seats and a full bar. Additionally, food can be delivered to your heart, so you don’t need to leave the theater during a meal break! Located on the top floor of Fashion District Philadelphia Mall on Market Street between 11th and Filbert Streets, its opening on November 4th marks an end to Center City’s long theater drought.

This movie theater boasts multiple RealD 3D screens. It offers many amenities, such as an in-house restaurant and bar, with comfortable reclining leather chairs for viewing movies in an atmosphere designed for celebration among friends or family. This venue provides the ideal place to host celebrations!

AMC’s latest quarterly earnings report showcased a minor second-quarter loss and rebound in revenue, signaling its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, AMC signed an agreement with Warner Bros. Studios to show its 2022 tentpole movies on its screens.

Arclight Cinemas raised new capital this year and made deals for multiple recent theater locations. So far, it has announced six acquisitions and may add four more areas: three are set for Los Angeles, while two each in Chicago and Atlanta will round out its footprint. Furthermore, negotiations are underway with ten potential new locations, which include two former Arclight Cinemas locations.

AMC Theatres is adapting to a changing entertainment industry by revitalizing its theater network. As moviegoers migrate away from theater chains towards streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, theater chains such as AMC are gradually losing ground. But AMC is working hard to adapt, investing in upgrades while expanding seating capacities and upgrading technology as part of a long-term plan to stay relevant in today’s entertainment market.

Concession stand

Are you in search of an entertaining shopping and dining destination in Detroit? Look no further! The AMC Fashion District is the ideal spot, located conveniently within downtown Detroit’s public transit network and offering an abundance of boutique shops, dining options, and cafes – providing everything from designer apparel and home items to cafe services.

AMC Fashion District Theater’s luxurious seats and unparalleled service make it the ideal destination for moviegoers seeking an exceptional movie-viewing experience. Additionally, AMC provides several ticketing options and amenities, such as reserved seating and electric car charging stations; plus, they have a concession stand offering drinks, popcorn, and candy!

Concession stands are an essential component of movie theaters, and many audiences look forward to purchasing food or beverages before viewing a film. To save money on concessions, purchase them ahead at the ticket booth or online. Just be sure you know all the rules surrounding bringing food or beverage into a cinema – check their website for more insight!

AMC customers have access to coupons, including “Show Snacks” coupons that can be exchanged for small popcorn and fountain drinks, electronic vouchers and SMS messages on mobile devices, and older paper coupons that may be honored at the discretion of theater managers.

AMC Entertainment Group Inc is a major, diversified entertainment brand operating movie theaters throughout the US and internationally. AMC operates various brands within its theater chain, including Dine-In and Luxury Cinemas; AMC has also worked for over 100 years! Furthermore, AMC leads in terms of technological development.

Movie theatre

Fashion District Philadelphia shopping mall now features a new theater on its third floor with its entrance off Market Street, known as Dine-In Cinema. Upon entering, patrons can order food directly from a counter, and it will now be brought to their seats. In addition, there is also a MacGuffins bar serving beer and wine; moviegoers can choose between Ultimate Nachos, dry-rub wings, flatbread salads, burgers, and other options available here.

Eight auditoriums at AMC Theater range in seating capacity from 100-200 seats, while two larger spaces offer premium experiences, like AMC Prime Screen and Dolby Cinema, featuring amenities such as Dolby Atmos surround sound and seats that pulsate during action scenes.

Moviegoers at AMC theaters can indulge in soft drinks and 100+ drink selections, such as beer, wine, and specialty cocktails. Mobile ordering allows customers to place orders before showtime without waiting in line – and AMC offers wheelchair seating spots and a sign language interpreter for movies with audio descriptions!

This fashion district theater marks AMC’s inaugural dine-in theatre in Center City and comes amid mounting competition from streaming services. As studios release more films directly onto streaming services, AMC stock has experienced significant drops. However, despite such competition, they anticipate reporting their best quarterly revenue ever this year due to notable July releases such as “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” which led to increased movie attendance; additionally, this could indicate that consumers may be rediscovering big screen cinema following years of decline.