Top 5 Best IT Companies in Las Vegas


Las Vegas boasts a vibrant economy and bustling business sector, making it an ideal location to build a successful technology company. However, employees may face difficulties in adapting to the fast-paced environment.

Las Vegas IT companies can assist you in reaching your business objectives. These providers provide various services to keep you and your team ahead of the competition.


Rob Roy founded Switch in 2011 to design, construct and operate hyperscale data center campus ecosystems. Additionally, they provide telecom auditing and expense management solutions.

The switch’s expanding client list includes Amazon Web Services, eBay, Marvel, and Shutterfly. Furthermore, they strive to foster social responsibility within their community by offering internships and externships for students.

The switch has a distinguished record for designing and building high-performing, efficient data centers. Recently, they opened a data center in Las Vegas with Modular Optimized Design (MOD 250).

Rimini Street

Rimini Street provides software support and management services for enterprise software products like Oracle and SAP. Their specialists offer global security assessments, monitoring services, application management systems, and data management solutions.

Las Vegas is home to numerous businesses across a range of industries. As such, these establishments require reliable IT support for their technology requirements.

These IT companies can assist businesses in improving their digital presence and expanding their customer base. They provide search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) services.


SoluLab is a highly skilled group boasting over 300 employees across Las Vegas, Boulder City, and Henderson. Their services range from mobile and desktop solutions to big data analytics and AI – making them your one-stop shop for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in business. Plus, they’re an enjoyable workplace – perfect for those seeking new challenges and experiences! Moreover, SoluLab boasts the most comprehensive product suite in the industry.

Attract Group

Attract Group is an IT firm with a team of specialists that can assist you in building your online presence and growing your business. Their services range from web design to social media management – everything you need for successful digital marketing!

They have extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes and industries. Their team includes developers, writers, and marketers that can help craft captivating stories and elevate your brand online. Their service packages can be tailored according to individual needs; additionally, they provide training and workshops. Visit their website for more details about their offerings.

GTY Technology Holdings Inc.

GTY Technology Holdings Inc. offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to the public sector in North America. The Company provides content, digital services, integrated payments through a SaaS platform for government agencies and utility companies, cloud-based grants management software solution, and award-winning transparent and data visualization software applications. The Company provides software technologies for procurement and vendor sourcing in government, public sector, and various highly-regulated commercial vertical markets; additionally, they create software to facilitate municipal permissions and licenses. Their top-performing product is their transparent data visualization solution.


Whitebox is a software company that creates products for businesses of all sizes. Their services range from cloud security and email encryption to data loss prevention and IT support that can help business owners improve their operations. Their main product, CloudShield, is an anti-hacker shield protecting data and systems from malicious hackers. This software has been adopted by thousands of businesses worldwide, including Google and Walmart – making it popular among owners due to its ability to prevent data breaches.