Tips to Win on Soccer Betting


Soccer gambling has quickly gained popularity over recent years and offers excitement when watching a match. Sportsbooks across the US now provide more and more live betting lines on games – offering fans even more ways to add extra fun to the experience! The Amazing fact about 사나이 승인전화.

Always pay close attention to lineups before any game starts; this could significantly alter odds in several markets, such as team totals and goal scores.


Know the Starting Lineups in Soccer Betting Knowing both teams’ starting lineups can be vital in placing winning bets on soccer matches. When betting, be sure to inspect these lineups before game time and evaluate recent and upcoming schedules of both clubs involved, such as travel distance for matches at both their home stadium and away stadium, recent history against an opponent, and any recent events that might influence future wagers against them.

Draw no bets are another famous wager in soccer that allows all three-way moneyline bets to be returned if a draw occurs. These bets are ideal for people who find three-way betting risky or would rather not lose all their stakes on just one outcome. Place specific bets on individual players, such as total shots and assists, is also possible.


Soccer betting can be an exhilarating, fast-paced market that provides bettors with many exciting opportunities. But before placing any bets, bettors must understand how to read the odds in soccer betting before placing their bets. In the US, most sportsbooks use $100 base units as standard odds across books. Furthermore, it’s wise to utilize Covers odds tools and compare player props and futures odds before locking in any bets.

Soccer betting features two-way money lines to give bettors who wish to place wagers on both teams the option to do so, taking into account any possibility of a draw and offering two-way odds that take this into account. If the team you bet on wins by more than 0.5 goals, your bet will be considered successful. Otherwise, it will be declared a push, and your original stake amount will be returned.

Soccer betting provides more than the standard two-way money lines – in addition to double chance and draw no bet wagers similar to handicapping or spread betting in other sports – by offering double chance and draw no bet betting options with different payouts for teams selected and no performance grade rating system being implemented for them.

Goal line betting

Sports betting in the US is on an upswing, and soccer gambling has led the charge. Although still trailing behind football, basketball, and baseball in terms of total percentage wager per game, interest in both domestic and international soccer gambling has grown considerably due to Major League Soccer (MLS) popularity as well as the recent success of US teams at tournaments such as World Cup and Champions League.

Soccer betting provides a range of wagers not typically seen elsewhere, such as money lines and point spreads. Bettors may also place goal line bets based on how many goals will be scored during a given match and determined at the regulation’s conclusion, making soccer betting one of the more exciting forms of sports gambling today.

Some players rely solely on statistics when placing live bets on soccer matches, checking statistics such as possession percentage and attempts on goal before making quick judgments and placing bets. But this approach can be risky; combining direct observation and statistical analysis is wiser when placing live soccer wagers to maximize returns. In this way, you may identify opportunities other bettors might miss.

Double chance bets

Football bettors using double chance bets have more flexibility when covering two match outcomes. It provides lower odds from bookmakers while offering more excellent coverage – but be aware that any winnings only accrue if either team wins; in other words, double chance betting acts like an insurance policy against both outcomes simultaneously.

Double-chance bets may not be shared among American sportsbooks. Still, they’re frequently utilized when betting on soccer matches due to the possibility of ties – which neither baseball nor basketball allows. To place one, pick either home or away team to win and select “draw.” This strategy can be beneficial when one team outshines another, though keep in mind that double chance bets typically offer lower returns due to shorter odds; nonetheless, it might help lower risk and boost winnings!


Soccer is a low-scoring sport, and it can take time to predict its outcome, making betting a hazardous venture. To make an intelligent bet, you must understand the odds and betting lines before placing your bet, whether an expert or novice bettor. Understanding them will increase your odds of success!

Sportsbooks may also provide Over/Under totals for soccer matches, similar to point spread or handicap betting in other sports. These numbers represent how many goals the sportsbook expects will be scored in a game, and you can either “buy” it or “sell” it.

Over/Under bets in soccer are calculated based on the final result of an entire soccer game, including injury time and any extra-time or penalty shootouts that might take place. Unlike many sports games, soccer doesn’t end in a tie. If you want more betting action, try prop bets instead, which are based on specific statistics or events during matches and individual players using advanced stats websites such as StatsPerform or Opta to provide these props with their data.

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