Sports Betting in Turkey


Turkish national football team betting is prevalent, with teams like Besiktas and Fenerbahce often participating in European competitions and offering attractive odds in Super Lig matches on top betting sites. Check out to know more.

Government legislation restricting gambling has banned non-state online betting sites; nonetheless, many Turks still gamble through offshore sites.

Super Lig

Turkey’s Super Lig is the top tier of its football league system and features 20 clubs competing from August to May in a double round-robin season, culminating in a champion being chosen and three promoted or relegated clubs joining or leaving TFF First League, respectively, at year’s end.

Those seeking to place bets on Turkish Super Lig matches should start by reviewing available odds. Odds represent how much money can be won on an individual bet; typically, higher odds indicate more outstanding winning potential. It is important to remember that different betting sites provide different odds, so for optimal success, it would be prudent to register on as many sports betting websites as possible before placing any bets.

Next, locate a site offering the best odds on an event. Odds Portal’s odds comparison tool makes this task easy—use it to compare odds across bookmakers for one specific match. Odds on particular matches can differ significantly, so be sure to shop around before settling on one bookmaker.

Once you’ve identified a site with competitive odds, you can begin placing bets. Some will even allow you to watch live matches for free with just a minimum bet required – perfect if you don’t have time or tickets available to attend games in person!

Besiktas and Fenerbahce, two Istanbul-based teams, have one of the fiercest rivalries in Turkish Super Lig. Fueled by mutual dislike between them and fierce fan bases, their stadiums can often prove hostile environments for visiting foreign teams.

TFF First League

The TFF First League (or Turkish Football Federation (TFF) First League) is Turkey’s second-highest soccer league competition and is operated by TFF. The champion of the TFF First League can advance to the Turkish Super Lig.

TFF (Turkish Football Federation) is Turkey’s governing body for professional clubs and national teams. Its primary purpose is to promote soccer throughout Turkey through youth leagues and training programs for both experienced and amateur teams. Furthermore, the TFF operates a three-level league system; among these three leagues are the First League, which serves professional clubs, and TFF 2. Lig is available to amateur clubs.

Milli Kume was launched by the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) in 1937. It comprised teams from Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir’s three strongest regional leagues at that time. The league lasted until 1950 when its season ended.

Since its formation, the TFF has continued to develop its league system. The TFF First League is commonly referred to as Trendyol 1. Lig, for sponsorship reasons, was initially formed as Turkish Second League Category A after reorganizing the Second Football League, which operated from 1963 until 2001. Later, it became Turk Telekom Lig A for the 2006-07 season before being changed back to Bank Asya 1. Lig after sponsoring ended, and ultimately, PTT 1 Lig stayed up until 2012 when its sponsorship expired.

The TFF is making efforts to combat match-fixing. They have revamped their ethical committee to clear clubs as entities rather than individual players of responsibility; however, clubs found guilty of fixing have yet to be relegated. Gianni Infantino and Michel Platini of UEFA have made it clear that either way, this must happen within TFF; otherwise, they will intervene directly to ensure match-fixing clubs are punished accordingly.


As of September 2021, BSL is Turkey’s second-tier basketball league and features several notable teams, such as Fenerbahce (defending champions) and Istanbul Anadolu Efes. BSL benefits from substantial financial resources and may soon surpass ACB in quality of play; former Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt recently signed a two-year contract with Darussfaka Darussfaka.To find more, check out

Though gambling laws in Turkey are strictly regulated, residents can legally place bets online with international sportsbooks that provide better odds and more betting markets than local operators. These sportsbooks are licensed and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Youth & Sports and offer casino games with longstanding histories and excellent customer service.

As the government has yet to crack down on illegal offshore online gambling sites, punters are encouraged to use a VPN in order to encrypt their connection and protect their privacy – this way, they can place bets on their favorite team and hopefully win big!

The Jockey Club of Turkey is a non-profit organization established in 1953, operating trackside pari-mutuel betting since 1953, and is likely unaffected by new restrictions placed on other forms of gambling activities in Turkey. Therefore, horse racing betting will remain available to Turkish citizens while other forms of gambling, such as casino gaming, can be illegal under Turkish law; those engaging in unlicensed activities risk arrest and fines, so it is best to use an established virtual private network provider such as ExpresssVPN to encrypt your connection and protect privacy while betting online.

Jockey Club of Turkey

The Jockey Club of Turkey is an independent non-profit association licensed as a public benefit society by Turkey’s cabinet to conduct horse races and mutual betting since 1953. Its mission is to ensure racing meets international standards while also promoting horseracing through domestic and foreign horse races and various racing activities.

Contrary to many European horse racing authorities, which see rising foal numbers as an indicator of a healthy market, Turkey actively encourages its breeders to produce horses for its local market through an incentive system that offers mare owners low-cost stallions while offering subsidies for purebred Arabians not placed within the top four slots in a race.

This approach has enabled the Jockey Club of Turkey to maintain an even flow of prize money; an average race payout is EUR 8,200 after accounting for owner and breeder premiums. However, due to limited race payouts, illegal betting is an ever-expanding industry in Turkey.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, our great leader and founder of the Turkish Republic, saw horse racing as an essential aspect of modern society and initiated its establishment through establishing the Gazi Derby in 1927. Over time, however, its passion for horse racing remained undiminished, as evidenced by its success through multiple race meetings and prize money awarded throughout its existence. Additionally, Ataturk managed to attract high-profile trainers and owners for this club’s membership.


Turkey has stringent gambling laws and an official state monopoly for sports betting, yet many players still take pleasure in casino gaming online. Indeed, several international providers still accept Turkish registrations to give access to real-money casino gaming opportunities.

Attracting millions of bettors, Turkey offers numerous betting venues ranging from football and horse racing, which both enjoy tremendous popularity across the nation and feature professional clubs that compete in Turkey’s Super Lig and other European competitions, to illegal gambling venues that offer wagers on sports events – making choosing an online casino that uses secure payment methods crucial for keeping bettors away from illegal sites.

No matter the game you want to play, finding a site with a high LCB ranking is paramount. This ranking system measures player reviews across many platforms and is widely recognized. If a website doesn’t score highly in this ranking system, it may not be worth investing time in its activities.

Turkish casinos, unlike their US counterparts, are primarily regulated and generally have good reputations within the industry; many even feature live dealers! As Turkey continues its integration into the EU, its legal status may shift as time progresses. Currently, the government is cracking down on gambling-related activities by cracking down on those engaging in them, although this trend could continue for some time yet, or it could relax as regulations come off of Turkey altogether.

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