The selection points of LED power supply


The BROUGHT power supply is the power conversion app that converts the power provided into a specific voltage and current to drive the BROUGHT light. There are many types of BROUGHT power supplies. The quality and gratification of various power materials are very different, which is among the important reasons affecting the cost difference of LED energy supplies. LED power materials can usually be divided into three main categories: the actual switching power supply, the second is typically the linear IC power supply, and the third is the resistive profit power supply.

Resistive buck power accessory uses a capacitor to provide travel current by its fee. The circuit is simple, low cost, but poor overall performance and poor stability within the grid voltage fluctuations are really easy to burn LED. The result is high voltage non-isolated calls for a protective insulation shell. Very low power factors and limited supply life are mostly only suitable for smaller economic power products. High electrical power products with high output latest, the capacitor can not present high current; otherwise, you can burn out.

Linear IC power accessory uses one IC or higher ICs to distribute the voltage typically with fewer varieties of electronic components, high electrical power factor and very high power accessory efficiency, and no electrolytic capacitors. It has a long life and is inexpensive. The disadvantage is that the excessive output voltage is not isolated. You will find a strobe; touching the power offer is easy to cause power shock, so it requires the shell typically to do a good job to avoid electric shock isolation safety.

Switching power supply uses solitude transformer to change great attention to low voltage and rectification and filtering to provide stable output DC energy. Switching power supply is relatively higher safety (generally output lower voltage), stable performance, adult technology, is the mainstream from the current LED lighting system. The disadvantage is that the circuit is complex, the price is greater.

LED power supply from the enter and output insulation features can be divided into isolated and non-isolated power supplies. The protection of the non-isolated power supply is slightly worse. The enter and output are not protected, but the cost is also reasonably low. The traditional energy-saving lighting fixtures use non-isolated power accessories, using insulated plastic layer protection. The isolated power accessory is electrically isolated amongst the input and output, which is very high safety. When the body system touches, the output part of the power accessory will not be electrocuted, so the layer insulation requirements are not excessive, but there will be an increase in charge. In the middle and high-end marketplace, switching isolated power supply could be the mainstream power supply solution out there.

According to the requirements regarding LED power supply’s qualities, the selection and design of GUIDED power supply should focus on the particular reliability, efficiency, power aspect and other requirements.

The stability of the LED power supply will be high, the lamp’s existence will be long, especially just like LED street light power, which is installed at high altitudes inside the outdoor, if the LED power failure will increase the cost of upkeep of LED lights. LED power in the design phase regarding rigorous verification testing and late material quality management is an indispensable guarantee excellent for reliability.

LED is an energy-saving product, the higher efficiency, cardiovascular disease energy-efficient. LED luminous proficiency decreases as the temperature with the LED rises, so the heating dissipation of the LED is important. The LED power supply features high efficiency. Its electric power dissipation is small, high temperature generated within the lamp is small, and often reduces the temperature rise of the table lamp, which is more beneficial to delay the sunshine decay of LED. Using optimizing the design and picking out smaller components, it is possible to work with smaller case sizes, making the power supply slim and lessening costs.

LED power supply

Power factor is often a requirement of the power grid for any load. However, a low electric power factor of a single piece of equipment with little power features a little effect on the power. But we turn on often the lights at night, the same kind of basket full is too concentrated, will make very serious pollution of the main grid, so the high power aspect LED power supply will decrease the pollution of the main grid. The European Union has issued specifications requiring power supply equipment and powers greater than 25W to possess power factor correction collections.

LED power supply

The LED power supply created by Yanshuoda uses an enhanced PFC controller based on an innovative Pit Count Frequency Fold-back, or perhaps VCFF method for lighting software to provide higher efficiency and reliability and optimize overall harmonic distortion performance technological innovation to provide the best THD efficiency over a wide load collection.

Many deliveries and consumer praise have proved the particular long-term stability of the GUIDED power supply. The YSD GUIDED power supply adopts an ultra-thin property design. The LED power is small and beautiful, using a superb appearance and superb electrical performance.

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