The Best Super Archers Vs Golem Deck in Clash Royale


Clash Royale players looking for ways to conquer the new Super Archers and Golem challenge must find suitable decks to pass this event. Unfortunately, superarchers are very fast and can quickly penetrate bases without much damage caused.

To counter this strategy, you must build up an elixir advantage and use defensive creatures capable of taking some damage before returning to the other end. Here is one such deck explicitly designed for this task.


Clash Royale’s Super Archers vs Golem Challenge offers players an excellent way to secure season tokens. Beginning April 17th, this event requires them to use specific decks to win this challenge – to do this effectively, ensure Golems stay away from your towers rather than attacking enemy towers for maximum elixir advantage and the most successful result possible!

The best way to do this is to use low-cost troops as a diversion and then deploy Super Archers, who have an extremely high damage range and can quickly dispatch any unprotected troop without a castle or Spring Trap protection. Spells like Poison and Zap can help, though it is wise not to overcommit.

Another critical point is to remember that Super Archers possess a high pierce value, making them effective at one-shotting lower-level buildings and easily one-shooting them. Therefore, it is vital to defend the enemy base with tall HP buildings like Giants and Double Princes to protect your Super Archers as well as heavier troops like Dart Goblins or Firecrackers to shield your Super Archers and prevent Golems from reaching enemy towers – using this strategy will allow you to maximize damage potential of Super Archers and win this challenge!


Super Archers are an effective defensive unit, capable of pushing back any troop – massive troops such as Drills or Hog Riders – against them, including Drills or Hog Riders. Furthermore, Super Archers can snipe enemy buildings such as bowlers or Giant Skeletons; however, they require the proper support, which is where Firecracker comes into play.

This new card fires arrows imbued with Tornado power to help push back Golems from reaching your towers and ensure they won’t go more trophies for you! This card can help make this challenge much simpler!

Miner and Ram Rider decks offer another effective defense strategy against golems; these decks can help gain an elixir advantage and make an aggressive ground push. Furthermore, these strategies provide cheaper counters like Skeletons or Ice Spirit to slow the Golem down and can even be enhanced further with Valkyrie support to deal additional damage against enemy crown towers.

Clash Royale’s most recent update introduces a brand-new meta with new cards and significant adjustments to existing ones, most significantly with Card Evolution: this can dramatically boost troop performance on the battlefield and make some cards exceptionally strong while rendering others worthless.

Since Card Evolution’s release, many players have been searching for more powerful decks. Although not as effective as the previous meta, the new decks still offer solid win rates; beginners or casual players could use these decks to elevate their game to new levels.

Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit is a handy card that fits seamlessly into almost any deck. It can provide invaluable defense support paired with minion hordes or Prince or help to stop an Inferno Dragon or tower from attacking. Upgrade this versatile card as soon as possible; its high cost also makes it suitable for cycle decks.

Keep in mind that Super Archers are particularly susceptible to spells. If your deck relies heavily on attacks, pay close attention to how your opponent moves and try to stop them from casting their spells – this can give an advantage in cycle speed and allow faster building sniping.

One effective strategy for protecting super archers is deploying other troops around them. This will make it harder for your Super Archers to get into positions where they could be targeted by opponent Golems; with enough elixir, you could even deploy Logs as barriers against your opponent’s Golem deployment!

The Super Archer challenge is an engaging way to test your skills and win premium rewards. Although winning this challenge may not be straightforward, following these strategies and tips gives you a higher chance of victory. Keep defense at the forefront, build up an elixir advantage, use cards wisely, and be flexible if your current strategy doesn’t seem adequate – that way, only your chance increase of victory!

Electro Spirit

Clash Royale’s Super Archers have returned with a fresh challenge! These powerful cards can do extensive damage to enemy towers. To defeat this new Super Archers vs Golem Challenge, players need to build an effective deck capable of stopping them and protecting other troops; ideally, this should include various troop cards and spells from multiple classes – using different strategies and tactics!

This deck utilizes a fast cycle with Firecracker and Electro Spirit cards, which can quickly reduce the effects of an opponent’s Golem. Furthermore, Noble Giant and Phoenix can deal with archers. In addition, Lightning can help eliminate archers to give an elixir advantage to you and gain you an edge against them.

Though an eSpirit tower may prove effective against single-tower attacks, it may not be ideal when faced with multiple attacks from multiple targets. Instead, Healers or Crown Troops might simultaneously provide more effective support against various buildings. Furthermore, Super Archers often pierce through defenses more quickly; therefore, it’s advisable to include high-HP facilities in your defense strategy to protect them effectively.

The Super Archers vs Golem Challenge is a live event in which golems spawn regularly, and players must protect them using various strategies. Top players use different tactics to win this challenge and earn season tokens; to succeed at this task, you should focus on protecting your base, building an elixir advantage, and not using too many spells.


Golem is an engaging, well-crafted puzzle platformer with an intriguing story. While it does have some issues, these don’t diminish its overall enjoyment or reward system – making Golem an absolute must-have for fans of its genre!

Starting 17 April, the Super Archers vs Golem Challenge is back and promises some impressive season token rewards. A powerful Super Archers vs Golem deck provides quick counters against enemy Golem spawn, an effective defensive strategy, and is affordable to construct – ideal for intermediate and beginner players.

To defend against Golem spawns, archers and arrows should be deployed near it to reduce the damage done to towers by it. Furthermore, using Skeletons or Spirit can make it even harder for opponents to hit your towers; Poison can slowly decrease the Golem’s health over time.

When playing against other players, you’ll need to carefully read their cards and estimate how much elixir they have spent to build troops. From there, you can predict whether they take Golem actions with structures such as Tombstones and Inferno Towers protecting it – this strategy can help increase your score and win matches more easily! Just be wary not to place your rabbi on an action tile with another player, as this could result in lost battles!