The Best IT Companies in Memphis


Are you searching for a career in technology? Memphis is home to some of the best companies around. Whether it‘s cybersecurity, software development, or manufacturing that interests you, Memphis has it all covered.

The city also features several prominent employers in the transportation, warehousing, and healthcare sectors. These businesses employ thousands of people and generate substantial revenue.

UpCity’s Top Cybersecurity Companies

UpCity is a platform that connects businesses to reliable service providers. With more than 70,000 listed professionals, such as marketing agencies, accounting firms, HR consultants, and IT specialists, UpCity has assisted more than 1.5 million businesses in finding a partner that meets their needs. Each provider is evaluated using an exclusive algorithm that assesses their credibility against others in their industry. The UpCity Recommendability Rating assigns a score that indicates which companies clients most recommend to others.

CoreTech is an IT company that provides business IT and phone systems, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity services. To demonstrate its commitment to industry security standards, it recently achieved the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ credential after passing through an extensive third-party assessment of its processes and management policies; furthermore, with Sophos certified engineers on staff who can architect and develop cybersecurity solutions for businesses of any size. PIRC is a New York City-based consulting firm providing consultative cybersecurity & risk management solutions to help organizations address complex regulatory compliance controls.

UpCity’s Top Software Development Companies

No small feat goes into crafting the ideal software solution for your business. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies to choose from – and they all do an exceptional job. Your vision can become a reality with the ideal software development team on board. These include top-notch developers, designers, and testers located throughout the city. Each has its own specialized set of skill sets as well. A little research goes a long way toward creating an effective, innovative software solution with minimal effort. Finding the ideal company requires asking the right questions and being open to new challenges. Ensure your team understands your business requirements, can create a strategy, execute it effectively, and monitor progress throughout each stage.

UpCity’s Top Makers

UpCity’s top makers are digital marketing agencies with a high Recommendation Rating based on client feedback. These providers have demonstrated success in helping their clients reach their business objectives through practical strategies, earning them this distinction. If you’re searching for an elite Memphis agency to work with, Paar Media Group is your go-to resource! Contact us to discuss how we can assist with achieving your marketing targets and growing your business!