Texas Hip-Hop


Texas boasts an extraordinary legacy of hip-hop culture. To commemorate it and highlight some of its finest rappers, why not create a playlist featuring some of Texas’s greatest rappers? Read the Best info about Texas Hip-Hop Music Group.

Houston dominates this list as expected; its south side has long been an epicenter for hip-hop culture. Yet outside Houston, other rappers also made an impression, which is always exciting when discovering artists from such an expansive state as Texas.

1. Trae Tha Truth

Trae Tha Truth is a Houston rapper with a deep raspy voice and honest lyrics who has earned himself the moniker “Houston’s Hometown Hero.” To honor his efforts in 2008, Mayor Annise Parker awarded July 22 as Trae Tha Truth Day.

He also founded a non-profit relief group known as the Relief Gang, which assists victims of natural disasters locally and across the United States.

Chamillionaire is one of Houston’s premier rappers. A master at rapid-fire rapping, Chamillionaire also excels at crafting catchy R& B hooks – as evidenced by his albums and Mixtape Messiah series.

2. J-Dawg

J-Dawg is a Houston-based rapper who has been active in the music industry since the early 2000s. As part of Boss Hogg Outlawz, he has released multiple mixtapes and singles.

He stands out as one of Texas’ best rappers and stands out in the southern rap genre with music that draws upon traditional sounds while including features from other genres.

Recently, he released the song “Don’t Wanna Go Back,” which has received over 8 million views on YouTube and features Slim Thug. This uplifting track encourages listeners to leave behind their pasts and move forward.

3. Tum Tum

Tum Tum, a rapper from Houston, is widely considered one of the premier Texas hip-hop artists. His music has been featured in multiple movies and has won him numerous awards.

His lyrics combine English and Hindi, with performances ranging from simple beats to packed shows. His songs are remarkably catchy and have their distinctive rap style.

Houston rapper Kid Kult hails from Houston, and it’s no secret that his music has enormously impacted other Texas hip-hop artists. His roots lie deep within Houston culture, and he is an iconic figure in Texas hip-hop circles.

4. Big Moe

Kenneth Doniell Moore, better known by his stage name Big Moe, was born in Houston on August 20, 1974, and quickly established a name for himself as one of Houston hip-hop’s premier rappers and songwriters.

Big Moe was famously recognized for his unique and gentler rapping style; his hypnotic cadence also allowed him to sing on his records.

His debut album, City of Syrup, was released by Wreckshop Records in 2000; its name refers to Houstonians’ fondness for drinking codeine-laced syrup, commonly called lean.

The emcee featured an eye-catching voice reminiscent of that found in Geto Boys but with a distinctly Texas flair. His lyrics were sensuous and heartfelt, featuring his trademark mix of rapping and singing known as “rap-singing.”

5. K-Rino

K-Rino is one of Texas’s most underrated rappers and is well known for his powerful music and lyrics that discuss topics such as power, racism, revolution, etc. His songs often address subjects such as powerlessness, racism, and process.

K-Rino has become known as one of the pioneers of Southern hip-hop over time. His lyrics and music are highly entertaining and boast some incredible skill.

His music spans genres and styles, making him adaptable enough to satisfy classic rock fans and modern pop enthusiasts. His albums and performances consistently draw rave reviews; any song can become an impactful track that compels people to stop what they are doing to listen.

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