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Texas has produced some of the most influential rappers in hip-hop. These artists have helped shape hip-hop’s history from Geto Boys to Scarface. Obtain the Best information about Lyrical Hip-Hop Music Group.

Fat Pat made his mark on Houston rap before his tragic death at 27 in 1998. His posthumous albums Ghetto Dreams and Throwed in the Game received widespread critical acclaim upon their release posthumously.


UGK was formed in Port Arthur, Texas, in 1987 by Pimp C and Bun B. Their major-label debut album Too Hard to Swallow was released in 1992, garnering national exposure via Menace II Society soundtrack in 1993.

In 2000, UGK made prominent guest appearances on Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'” and Three 6 Mafia’s “Sippin’ on Some Syrup.” However, Jive Records should have capitalized on their increased attention as their fourth album (2001’s Dirty Money) came and went without much fanfare.

Paul Wall

Paul Wall is an award-winning Houston rapper and DJ, one of the few successful white Southern rappers.

He is currently the head of Swishahouse Records (formerly Swisha Blast). Additionally, he works as both a street promoter and mixtape DJ.

Before becoming a rapper, Wall studied mass communications at the University of Houston for three years and first gained notoriety as a member of a street team on Houston’s Northwest side that promoted southern rappers.

Paul Wall partnered with jeweler Johnny Dang to establish Grills by Paul Wall, providing rappers with high-end diamond and gold mouth grills. Their business soon flourished as soon as some of the biggest rappers wanted their custom grills.

Fat Pat

Fat Pat was one of the founding fathers of Houston hip hop. As part of his brother Big Hawk’s Screwed Up Click alongside DJ Screw and Kay-K.

Screw recruited him for many of his groundbreaking mixtapes and soon became famous for his commanding delivery and streetwise persona. Posthumously, one of his biggest hits came via Lil Troy’s hit single “Wanna Be a Baller.”

Fat Pat’s career may have been brief, but his impactful music continues to be heard nationwide in bars and radio stations.

Lil Keke

Lil Keke (born Marcus Lakee Edwards), one of Houston’s original members of Screwed Up Click, has long been an integral figure in Houston’s hip-hop scene. A key figure during the 1990s, his contributions have helped shape their signature production style: chopped and screwed productions.

He’s one of the most influential rappers in Texas and boasts several hits like “South Side,” “Chunk Up The Deuce,” and “I’m A G.”

Lil Keke may not have become as famous as UGK, Paul Wall, or Bun B, but his contributions have helped shape Texas hip-hop culture. As part of Texas history and an influencer on many younger contemporaries, he remains essential in Texas hip-hop.

Trae Tha Truth

Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth is widely respected for his philanthropy and community service work as the founder of Angel by Nature and Relief Gang organizations that help Houston rebuild after disasters such as hurricanes or flooding.

He is dedicated to supporting local schools. He recently opened his “Truth Do Good Closet” at Young Elementary, filled with clothes and school supplies for homeless students.

Texas hip-hop boasts a distinguished legacy. From Geto Boys and UGK to Chamillionaire and others, many pioneering rappers have left an imprint on a culture that continues to impact today’s rap scene.


Kirko Bangz first gained attention through mixtapes that cemented his status in Houston. Since then, he’s been featured on multiple albums and collaborated with various superstars.

Texas Hip-Hop Music Group has long been recognized as a source of pioneering artists like DJ Screw and Premier, who are widely credited with helping make Houston an internationally acclaimed hip-hop destination.

Kirko Bangz, another Houston-based artist with Texas roots, has quickly emerged as a force in hip-hop circles due to his dynamic delivery and lyrics. Kirko has quickly made himself known internationally by boasting an innovative style and impeccable beat selection skills.

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