How can you provide best Skype English Classes through skype?

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We live in the 21st century, where everything is possible online. Skype English classes are something very trendy! We are quite habituated to online shopping, but recently people are aware of another new term that is online classes. Due to Covid School colleges are closed, so people are taking online skype English classes. Yes, can you imagine this is too possible! Technology has reached another level beyond your expectations.

If you ask me, I enrolled myself in this class. This is really a great experience for me. This class helps me a lot to develop my English skill. Now when all educational institutions are closed, Skype English classes will help you to build your English language quickly. Multiple institutions are there that provide online classes. Let’s have a look.


Build your English proficiency with online English classes


Other than skype, many other platforms are available Google duo, hangout, zoom, line, etc. But among all, skype is the oldest and user-friendly one. All the teachers are very professional and experienced. I had a great experience with this. If you are good at English and want to share knowledge through the skype English classes, then this article will be beneficial for you. Because here I am going to share my experience with you all so that it would help you to know the procedure in a better way. Let’s start with how you can give online classes,


How can you provide skype English classes?


Now when you are all set with skype now let’s have a look at how you can provide online classes.


  • Video call

In skype video call is the main feature. So you can teach Skype English classes. To start one o one call, you need to choose a person from your contact list. Now click on the video icon, which is on the top right corner of your screen. By clicking this, you can start the video call and provide the English session. Not only one o one, but you can also provide class in the group. Start from one contact and then start “add the person.” You can add multiple people by clicking the same button



  • Chat


With chat features, you can give skype English classes too. In the chat option, you do not have to do any video call; send written messages to your students. You will find these features handy after a video call. Moreover, you can catch your student by chat at any time.


  • Virtual whiteboard


The chat feature can serve the virtual whiteboard too. It will allow the participants to share resources and notes. For this, you need to write a chat message for the entire classroom.


  • Screen share


Do you want to show some pictures or articles or any website during the skype English classes? If yes, then screen share would be the right choice for you. With this, you can easily share your screen with your students. Just click on the screen share button, which you will get in below your skype screen.


Screen sharing is one of the important features of any online class. Not only teachers but students also can share their screen with their teachers.


  • File sending


Sending files is another feature of skype English classes. You can send reports, pictures, articles, homework, and many more files to the teacher or students. You will find a “paperclip” option in the chatbox. You can attach this file while doing a video call.


Who is the skype competitor?

Zoom, WebEx, Line, Hangout, Duo, etc., are the competitors of skype.

Is skype is still free in 2020?

Skype is free everywhere.

Is skype is still best?

Yes, skype is best from any other platform.

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