Showtime Dog Food


Showtime Dog Food provides high-quality nutrition to dogs of all ages and sizes, maintaining healthy skin and coat conditions while building robust immunity systems and leaving pets feeling great!

Their products have been carefully designed to deliver an optimal combination of nutrients. This includes poultry fat, high proteins to boost energy levels, and glucosamine and chondroitin as joint protectors.

Premium Performance Formula 27/20

Showtime provides various varieties of dog food tailored specifically to each breed’s dietary requirements, made from top-grade ingredients without artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Their products are cooked in small batches to guarantee freshness and ensure maximum quality and freshness. They recommend you monitor your dog’s activity level and health condition to determine its specific dietary needs, as well as follow the feeding instructions provided by their manufacturer.

The Premium Performance 27/20 diet is a high-protein and high-fat formula designed to promote muscle development and endurance in working dogs. This palatable product was specifically created for active canines of all life stages, containing poultry fat to support healthy skin and a glossy fur coat and being packed with chelated minerals and vitamins.

Pride Professional Field Blend Dog Food is a protein-rich diet with nutritious ingredients designed to give your active pup the energy needed to live a busy life. Containing chicken meal, fish meal, brown rice, and other sources of essential proteins as well as chelated minerals for improved mineral absorption as well as vitamin E, which promotes skin and coat health, this food is designed specifically for working breeds without artificial preservatives, flavors or sweeteners and features low fiber and ash for reduced stool volume – perfect!


Showtime dog food is handmade in small batches to guarantee quality and freshness, using premium ingredients like protein-rich deboned chicken and whole fruits and vegetables to meet your pet’s nutritional requirements. Featuring no artificial preservatives or flavors to maintain healthiness for optimal pet nutrition. It is available at many pet stores as well as online retailers.

An expert canine nutritionist developed this food to meet the nutritional requirements of dogs of all sizes and activity levels. Packed with proteins and fats to support healthy bodily functions, build strong muscles and tissues, increase stamina, and provide joint protection through glucosamine and chondroitin for working canines, this formula promises to provide nutrition explicitly tailored for each dog’s needs.

This recipe uses high-quality poultry meal and ground wheat for a nutritionally sound diet and contains vitamins A and E to promote healthy development, along with chelated minerals to lower the risk of mineral deficiency and antioxidants to strengthen immunity and support good health.

Showtime dog food may be designed for competitors, but any dog owner looking to provide their pet with an adequate diet should also use it. Just remember to carefully evaluate all ingredients of any food you feed your pet before choosing it and consult your veterinarian to identify an optimal diet for their canine breed.


24/20 provides highly active sporting dogs extra energy for endurance and peak performance. Using high-quality meat protein and nutritious grains to balance amino acid intake to promote muscle growth and body condition, natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate and Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids are added for healthy skin and coat maintenance. With such meticulous formulation, 24/20 gives your canine everything they need to go the distance during long days of intense activity and competition!

Note: Valu-Pak 24/20 provides reproduction females with additional nutrition during gestation and lactation stages, so increase feedings daily by four times their regular consumption for optimal health during this stage. Consult a veterinarian to ensure their well-being.

Ingredients may differ slightly between batches. For a complete listing, refer to the bag label.

Wet Food

Showtime provides premium wet and dry pet foods to keep your furry pal happy and healthy. Their recipes feature protein-rich deboned chicken and nutritious fruits and vegetables to support optimal growth for solid and beautiful pets. You can find their products available in most pet stores or online retailers.

Showtime brand dog food products come in black bag form and provide nutrition to dogs of all ages and activity levels. Formulas contain protein and fat for muscle development, tissue repair, and energy. Furthermore, poultry fat and ground wheat help enhance energy levels further. These ingredients were developed by an experienced nutritionist specifically tailored towards meeting adult dogs’ nutritional requirements.

Wet food contains more protein and fat than dry food, making it more satisfying for pets. Furthermore, its higher moisture content and easier digestibility make wet food ideal. Furthermore, some wet products also contain more vitamins and minerals than dry versions; exact amounts vary from product to product.

Showtime wet food comes in cans and pouches and is often composed of meat, grains, and vegetables at most pet stores. Many pet owners choose to feed their dogs dry food and wet food to provide variety in flavors and nutrients; however, it should only be considered part of their supplemental diet plan and not an entire meal replacement option.