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Shipping from China to Us – Above 250 billion dollars value of goods per year are brought in from China by American companies. Imports from China can be your wealth solution or swiftly turn into a nightmare for your business if you do not do the proper analysis BEFORE you start importing. This article will describe some common problems encountered simply by small companies which commence importing products from China.

1) Only Deal With Credible Exporters: One of the most important things you can do before starting the process is to make sure that you happen to be dealing with credible Chinese exporters.

Shipping from China to Us – American manufacturers often search the internet for prospective exporters and end up with a summary of names or companies they know nothing about. The following scenario happens every day for some unsuspecting new importer without any knowledge.

Company (YourNameHere) transmits their samples over to any Chinese exporter for remanufacturing and is thrilled when six weeks later, their examples arrive. The quality of the models you received is exceptional, and the price is unbelievably lower.

Shipping from China to Us – Everything seems great, which means you wire $12 000. 00 to your Chinese exporter for your first order… and you in no way hear from him again! Read that right – those three examples you received just set you back $12 000. 00 in addition to absolutely no recourse.

How do you prevent this common mistake? Request references from your Chinese foreign trade source and checks all of them thoroughly. Chances are, if the ALL OF US firms that have already handled your exporter have had the best of luck, then you probably will as well. Be cautious! Although most exporters supply by china manufacturers are honest – you will discover numerous that are not.

2) Know your terminology and BE SPECIFIC. The company ordered 3 000 leather “widgets” from a donner that we had been doing business with for quite a while and expected no difficulty with the upcoming shipment. Until it eventually arrived.

The products were sent, and we quickly realized that typically the “widgets” were not leather-based but relatively cheap vinyl. All of us immediately contacted our céder and demanded an explanation of why our products were not produced from leather as clearly mentioned on the purchase order.

Shipping from China to Us – His response had been: “Oh… in China, if you would like something made from real leather-based, then you have to say “genuine” leather. If you don’t say natural, then you get imitation. A costly lesson learned.

3) High-quality Control: There is none! If you are lucky enough to be the owner associated with Wal-Mart, you operate your manufacturing plants in China and have control over quality. A high level00 small company that relies on the actual exporter or the Chinese producer to control quality can depend on having quality problems.

Shipping from China to Us – Elaborate that mean? It means that you may be delivered items that don’t match within color to your previous purchase in one shipment to the next. Worst case scenario? The following shipments of products might appear very different with an entirely different presentation.

4) Shipping: Once again rapid, if you don’t give exact shipping and delivery instructions, you run the unwelcome possibility of receiving a container loaded to the top with a pile of packing containers that fall throughout you open, typically the container doors. Ask us how I know this. Be sure to request all boxes in a container to be palletized along with wrapped in shrink place.

5) The Bright Side: Posting goods from China can be a QUITE profitable experience as long as you are dealing with reputable exporters. Avoid using export brokers who have searched all over China intended for small manufacturers that will quickly throw your purchase order without regard for sound quality.

Shipping from China to Us – The best bet is to bargain directly with established China’s manufacturing firms that concentrate on one product line. If you want significant MP3 players, then uncover Chinese manufacturers that focus on that product and have an established track record for quality and time delivery.

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