Why A School Planner App Is Best For A Student

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Have you heard about the school planner app? We are at the end of 2020, and we all have been impacted in one way or the other due to the pandemic this year. It is very important for us parents to help their children plan there using some sort of school planner app. We have an app available in the play store for android and a store for iPhones. I have been using the app for a long time and found it beneficial.


About the School Planner App


Like many, I myself am a student, and I found the school planner very helpful in bringing the much-needed discipline in my life, which, due to lockdown and staying home, was getting destroyed. I installed the app started to use it with the help of my parents. The school planner app has an intuitive interface where I can schedule my daily activities with reminders, links. I can create a weekly or monthly schedule of every day with setting time for various activities.


There is a built-in calendar to leverage the scheduling features of the app. School planner app is one of the most downloaded planner apps in the play store, with downloads going in millions. As a user of this app, I can say that you will never miss any of your assignments or project work. The school planner app will keep you on top of the hour. Once you start using the app, you can also track your performance in the previous week to see what went wrong and how you can do better. 


Key highlights of the School Planner App


Some of the major highlights of the school planner app are :


1) User-friendly interface with intuitive colour schemes to mark each activity

2)Regular reminder feature to remind you of every activity

3)A consolidated place to store your marks and grades for all subjects and set a goal

4)A dashboard to review your whole day or precious week to see what all is pending and what has been achieved

5)A agenda page with a daily schedule which can also be brought on smartphone home page by using widgets

6)Save teacher phone number email address and link them yo respective scheduled activities

7)Record online lectures and organize them as per tour schedule

8)A built-in calendar that is highly customizable and optimized

9)Backup all the contents on google drive using the school planner app.

10) Beautiful and colourful themes of the app, which is created using a material design by google, make the app experience very smooth.


How to install and use the school planner app


Installing the school planner app is very easy. If you have android, go to google play store and download the app, and it will automatically install. Follow the same process in iPhone by visiting the store instead of the play store. Once installed, just open the app and login or register using your email id and phone number. Start using the app immediately and take some time to fill up all the initial information to kickstart the app in these steps.


A)Start configuration by setting a timeline, which generally should be until the next exam or assignment


B)Once set, give all permission to the school planner app


C)Now when you are in you can set timetable, agenda add subjects and do a lot more


D)Click in the plus sign to add a simple reminder or exam or assignment


Is the school planner app free?

Yes, the school planner app is completely free.

How can I download it?

You need to download the school planner app from the play store/i store.

Can I backup all my data?

Yes, you can backup all your data in google drive.

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