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The ultimate goal of every student is to reach a big and respectful position. Have you heard about Byju’s IAS career? Everyone knows about Byju’s and what they are offering, still I will elaborate you all the details so that you will get to know about this coolest opportunity of Byju’s.  Every student devotes their time and money to their studies to fulfil their dream.

Talking about me, I was never that sharp student like others but I am not a quitter. From a young age, my ambition was to become an IAS officer and I believe in self-dependency. To run my own study expenses I joined an organization, but to be very honest it affects my study time. I was not getting time for my study. Then I come to know about Byju’s IAS career. Let’s have a look at the opportunity what exactly it is,


Now earning is easy without hampering your study time


Many students are there who are passionate about teaching like me. I love to share my knowledge with others. This is the only thing that increases when you share. Byju gave me this opportunity, and I am Rey thankful to Byjus. I joined Byju’s during the preparation of IAS. If you too have IAS experience then this is the chance when you can be a part of this. Because Byjus is hiring. Secure your future with Byju’s IAS career. The best part is you can devote time to your study too. Byju’s are offering faculty positions and content developers positions in the IAS domain. You can join the team of Byjus.


Skills required- Along with your study you can gain teaching experience too, isn’t it great? I found it a great scope for all those students who are preparing for IAS. But some conditions are there. You have to attend the civil services main twice and at least one time you have to attend the interview. This will help you to grow in your career too. Byju’s Ias Career is looking for an aptitude teacher who can teach analytical things, new things and also help the students to think creatively. Students who are interested in the same field can visit the official website of Byjus and apply for that.


How you can Register- To apply for Byju’s IAS career what you have to do is download the app or visit the official site then there you will find “click here to register”. Tap on the button and a form will appear. There you need to fill in some personal details. Like your name, email id, your details related to the Byju’s Ias Career exam. Once you fill in all the details click on the submit button. If your application will get shortlisted they will come back to you. Now many of you will have a question that what will be the role and responsibilities? Hold on, I will give each and every detail.


Roles and responsibilities –

  • You need to guide the student’s doubt and also provide lesson over multiple subjects
  • You need to clear all the queries related to the entrance exam of the students
  • If your students require special suggestion you need to give one on one online classes through online
  • As per the feedback from the other teachers, content creators, learners you need to improve yourself for Byju’s IAS career.


Can I apply for a job at Byju’s?

Yes, Byju’s are hiring now, apply online.

Is Byju’s app is free of cost?

Yes, the app is free. Download it from the play store.

Is Byjus providing online classes?

Yes, Byjus providing online classes in all subjects.

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