Read Surviving the Game As a Barbarian


Surviving the Game as a Barbarian (Geim sog babarianeuro salami) is an exciting manga series with plenty of thrills and action, standing out from other isekai novels with its unique tale.

The manga’s plot is an enjoyable change of pace, as it forgoes political intrigue in favor of melee fights and physical action.

Character Design

Hansu Lee, 29, has dedicated nine years to playing Dungeon and Stone – the notoriously challenging role-playing game no one has yet beaten. Just before entering the final boss monster, a status window appeared saying “Tutorial Complete,” followed by an unexpected blinding light flash. Hansu found himself immersed in the game, playing the part of a real barbarian named Bjorn Yandel, who now embarks upon an exhilarating journey to marry reality with fantasy!

Beginning any journey can feel like its most daunting challenge as you strive to remain focused on your goal while being aware of your surroundings. This is especially true if you are an intimidating barbarian hero with unbreakable strength – but learning from early experiences will allow you to face future obstacles better.

Assuming you were found out playing video games, your life could end quickly if people discovered you. To prevent this from happening, the protagonist in this story devises a clever plan involving disguising himself as a barbarian hero to survive and thrive in his new environment.

This character epitomizes the Barbarian Hero trope, which features male heroes with strong enough physical prowess to crush anyone in their path and are always prepared for battle. These heroes often possess ripped physiques with oiled muscles, cool weapons, and beards reminiscent of those found on bears’ chins.

Though using physical force to ally against threats may be tempting, remember that barbarians’ true strength lies in their mind and skills. Utilizing your intelligence instead of brute force may prove more rewarding in the long run; thus, it’s essential when choosing your character and learning about his or her capabilities.


Manhwa offers more realism in their depiction of the game or novel world, in contrast to most isekai tales, which depict it with the immediate overpowering of the protagonist as soon as they enter the game world, making for a more believable narrative.

Hansu Lee is a 29-year-old gamer who has spent much of his life trying to beat a challenging video game. However, when finally defeating its final boss monster, Hansu finds himself being pulled from his fantasy realm into reality as barbarian Bjorn Yandel. Armed only with knowledge from his video game experience and some knowledge about life in general from Bjorn Yandel himself, he sets off on an adventure to survive and overcome all manner of deadly monsters in real life.

Although this story primarily centers on its protagonist killing enemies, there are humorous moments and character development. Our protagonist is intelligent and doesn’t rely solely on strength or violence to solve every challenge; instead, he uses his smarts and wits.

As a barbarian player, players should prioritize Strength and Dexterity over Constitution. Strength allows players to push enemies around, while Dexterity provides AC bonuses from half-plate armor. Constitution is also essential as barbarians take an incredible amount of damage; its power powers the Unarmored Defense ability, which aids with both detection and retaliation.

Beyond these stats, Barbarians should also pay attention to Athletics, Animal Handling, and Intimidation as factors in character development. While Animal Handling and Intimidation work best with charismatic characters, Athletics provides grappling enemies and is essential for those utilizing Frightful Presence feat.

Whoever’s interested in reading Surviving the Game as a Barbarian can find it on the Naver Series website, where raw and English spoilers are available so fans can read this Manhwa at their convenience. The next chapter should be released on Oct 22, 2023.


Barbarians are frontline combatants who rely on brute strength and their ability to charge into battle without thinking, killing as many opponents as possible. Barbarians have many advantages in running fast and wearing light armor; additionally, they possess the power of rage that allows them to deal more damage and withstand attacks more effectively. However, these rages can tire them out, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

Barbarians typically possess high strength scores, making them effective combatants and adept at many of the class skills associated with barbarianism. A higher dexterity score will aid them when picking locks or sneaking around; additionally, their constitution score allows them to rage longer, enabling them to damage more enemies while also surviving attacks that would kill other characters.

As their name implies, barbarians are people of the wild. Unbound by laws or social conventions, barbarians value freedom of expression and spontaneity in face and life experiences. While some worship powerful gods such as Kord, Obad-Hai, or Erythnul, others distrust organized religions for their supposed wisdom, instead forming intuitive relationships with nature through nature-worshipping practices such as yoga.

Most players who take up playing barbarians are predominantly fighters, though that doesn’t rule out being rogues or clerics as well. While barbarians might choose to fight using a sword or axe, they are skilled at using ranged weapons, traps, and learning spells (though perhaps not as quickly or effectively as other characters).

Read Surviving the Game as a Barbarian is unlike other isekai novels that pit the protagonist against predetermined game plots or novel outlines, instead following his struggle for survival in a harsh world that doesn’t always play fair – which makes the story more engaging and gives it more of a realistic feel. Furthermore, it features gradually developed character backgrounds, physical action with melee fights, humor, realism (the protagonist’s decisions don’t always make sense), and urgency without ever becoming overwrought or overblown writing style!


Barbarians are one of the game’s most brutal and influential classes, boasting powerful equipment. They frequently employ weapons with short-range but significant damage and shields to block attacks; additionally, they’re known for grappling enemies out of combat – so your barbarian must have all of the best gear.

Hansu Lee is a twenty-nine-year-old video game fanatic who has spent almost ten years playing Dungeon and Stone, a complicated RPG. After finally defeating its boss monster, an appearance window appeared with Bjorn Yandel transformed as his character – suddenly becoming one of many fierce barbarians within this virtual reality game world. To maintain his status within the game world, however, Hansu must portray himself as such and present an illusionary view to other players as such a character while facing the harsh reality of life itself.

This manga tells the story of a young video gamer who is transported into his favorite video game world and must battle to survive in this terrifying place. A classic tale of survival and fighting for what you want, set against an environment filled with deadly monsters and dishonest characters, our protagonist must mask his identity to remain safe.

On October 25, Chapter 36 of Surviving the Game as a Barbarian will be available, and fans are excitedly anticipating its arrival. In it, Bjorn and his new guild members enter a blood-tinted castle to seize loot from its guardian. But will Bjorn keep up with clever dwarf and mage?

The chapter will also see the Explorer Guild expand their operations, with new branch managers taking over different regions of the process. This should give them a centralized management structure, making organized events more straightforward and permitting team spell usage to help their members advance in the game.

No matter these changes, fans of this manga can still expect an exciting and captivating reading experience. Readers can look forward to new twists and plot developments as they discover a whole new world with new friends! TappyToon and Naver Webtoon, and its official website, offer access to this manga series.