Professional Real Estate Reconciliation Reports and Services For Effective Operations


One of the important functions in running a business is to ensure that all financial books get well handled and reconciled. The financial records give clear information of the business’s stage, whether there’s growth or things aren’t going well. In addition, there are well-laid down procedures that businesses get required to follow, which helps in the deduction of taxes and other legal parameters. Effective management and reconciliations require the services of an expert to ensure that all the financial records get well handled. SoftPro provides clients with reconciliation real estate software which enables them to handle their financial records efficiently. The professionals ensure complete compliance with ALTA best practices being well-trained and experienced professionals. Some of the benefits of the software include proper identification and prevention of title insurance and service transactions theft which greatly affects the performance of the business. 

The team of professionals reviews the client trust account, ensuring its synchronized with the monthly bank activity and providing the critical state and underwriters reports. Clients get provided with simple and affordable solutions that focus on other aspects of their real estate business. In addition, the reconciliations enable the reconciliation real estate software clients to trace all their business transactions and prevent losses or theft. The proper reconciliation records make the businesses ready for an audit whenever called upon, ensuring that the business is in complete compliance with the laid down statutes. The professionals provide the reconciliation services in two ways depending on the client’s needs. 

Monthly 3-Way Reconciliation

The reconciliation real estate software professional provides real estate clients with an effective monthly 3-way reconciliation report for their business. The report contains a complete3-way reconciliation, reconciling bank balance, book balance, and Escrow trial balance incomplete. The professional reconciler works with the client to clear outstanding and exceptional items in the business and prepare Escrow trust accounts with trial balances. In addition, a list of all available escrow balances gets provided, and the trial balance provides accurate information on all files with open balances. The trial balances take into account those files with old balances and negative balances. 

The complete analysis of the systems enables the professional to release the reports monthly and includes several documents. Escrow reconciliation summary report, escrow trial balance report, statement proofing register, receipts, disbursements report, and bank adjustment report are some of the professionals’ detailed information. In addition, the reconciliation real estate software client receives segregation of duties, ensuring the Reconciliation’s reliability through the provision of an independent reconciler separate from the signing authorities. Also, the monthly reports contain electronic accessibility availability by Company’s contracted underwriters. The detailed information got from the report provides the real estate businesses with a detailed financial transaction state of the business without neglecting other aspects of the businesses that the owner also focuses on. 

Daily reconciliation services

The daily reconciliation reports get provided to the client daily as per their desire to keep track of their daily transactions. The reports give a clear picture of the day-to-day business inflow and outflow of cash, enabling the business owner to notice trends that help decision-making. The Reconciliation real estate software professionals provide well-detailed daily reconciliation services that ensure that the financial books synchronize with the bank account daily. The whole process enables businesses to streamline their closing title and escrow process, enabling them to focus on other parts of the business fully confident that their financial books are in order. The daily reports also ensure that at any given time, the books are well handled and ready for an audit whenever necessary. 

Just as in the monthly 3-way Reconciliation, the daily reconciliation service provides the same reports with some lore information. Clients receive an extra fraud protection layer that alerts the real estate owner of any irregularities within their trust accounts, preventing fraudulent activities. Secondly, clients receive a daily reconciliation of receipts and disbursements, making sure all the daily transactions get well accounted for. Finally, the reconciliation real estate software professionals provide a daily clearing of all the items which do not require investigation and additional information within the system. The professional execution of the services enables businesses to function seamlessly and get good returns on investment.