Parker’s Heritage 2022 – A Double Barreled Blend


Parker’s Heritage is an annual limited release from Heaven Hill that offers something different than their standard offerings. This year’s 16th installment features a double-barreled blend.

This whiskey begins as 67% 13-year-old bourbon from floors 5 – 7 of Rickhouse Q and then is blended post-ageing with 33% 15-year-old bourbon to create its final blend.

Aged for 13 Years

Heaven Hill Distillery releases its Parker’s Heritage Collection annually as part of its tribute to Master Distiller Parker Beam (deceased). Each year, they select an impressive blend of high-end whiskey that they then age for 13 years before release as part of this limited-edition product, known as Parker’s Heritage 2022 in 2022! This incredible limited-edition product has become one of the world’s most sought-after items!

This blend was composed using both new and aged whiskeys. Most of its source comes from 13-year-old barrels finished in new charred oak casks; 15-year-old and older stocks also contributed once combined and bottled at barrel proof.

This year’s Parker’s Heritage marks its 16th edition in this series and will be sold nationwide as 750ml bottles with an MSRP of $175 each. A portion of the proceeds will be donated towards supporting ALS research and patient care efforts in memory of Parker Beam.

Parker’s Heritage series takes an unmatched approach to blending whiskey, which can be seen in its final product. An experienced team of tasters led by Bernie Lubbers and Master Distiller Connor O’Driscoll searches warehouses for quality whiskies with respect to quality, age, and alcohol content; selection is then made based on these criteria.

Parker’s Heritage 2022 is comprised of 72% 13-year-old bourbon from Rickhouse Q’s fifth and seventh floors and 33% older 15-year-old bourbon from warehouses 2 and 3, as well as four weeks of double barreling in new charred oak barrels prior to being mixed with the remaining stock.

This bourbon was aged for three years in French Limousin oak casks that had previously been used to store cognac. It features a mashbill consisting of 78% corn, 10% rye, and 12% malted barley and has an ABV of 66.1%; it can be purchased both at select retail stores and online. With sweet fruit notes, rich caramel sweetness, and subtle tannins from its barrel aging process lingering on your palette, this bourbon delivers full-on flavor.

Double Barreled

A double-barreled shotgun is a type of break-action shotgun with two parallel barrels that can be fired simultaneously or sequentially, providing more accurate shooting at short ranges. These guns are widely used for sports such as clay shooting and trapping where precision matters most; military and law enforcement also employ them for use against targets with precise regulations; they’re even found among military equipment used against terrorist threats! There are various varieties of double-barreled guns on the market, including pump action pistols and semiautomatic pistols, each having unique characteristics based upon their features.

Parker’s Heritage edition was an extraordinary experiment. A combination of 13-year-old double-barrelled bourbon was combined with 15-year-old single-barreled bourbon for this blend, creating a high-proof bourbon with classic Heaven Hill flavors.

Heaven Hill releases The Parker’s Heritage Collection as a limited-edition series every year in an attempt to both explore and innovate, with each edition slightly different from its predecessor – some aged with varying bills of mash, others finished in French orange curacao, etc. It is named in honor of former master distiller Parker Beam at Heaven Hill; part of every bottle purchased is donated towards research for Lou Gehrig’s Disease research.

Parker’s Heritage Release 16 is an innovative blending technique used to customize its flavor profile. Starting with 13-year-old double-barreled for four weeks bourbon, blended with 15-year-old bourbon from Heaven Hill for added spice, the end product was an extra-strong high-proof bourbon with classic Heaven Hill flavors but an unexpected edge.

As well as its innovative blending process, this bourbon is uncut and non-chill filtered in order to preserve its complex flavor profile. This allows for the uncut bourbon’s smooth taste with both spice notes and sweetness balanced out perfectly by its spicy finish that contains elements of baking spices and white pepper.

Parker’s Heritage Collection’s 132.2 proof bottle stands as one of its highest proof offerings, yet the higher proof doesn’t make this bourbon taste harsh or hot.

Aged in American White Oak

Parker’s Heritage is an annual release that offers unorthodox whiskeys not typically made by Heaven Hill Distillery. Past releases have featured something as far-fetched as an orange curacao-finished bourbon and as traditional as heavy char wheat whiskey – with people even lining up in the Visitor Center parking lot just for a chance at purchasing one bottle! Parker’s Heritage has become so wildly popular that people literally line up to buy their bottle(s).

Parker’s Heritage Collection Double Barreled Blend 2022 employs an unconventional barreling method to achieve its flavor profile. Beginning with 13-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon aged for 13 years in regular oak barrels, four weeks were then spent aging heavily charred American white oak barrels before finally being blended and proofed to 132.2. The resultant product is robust yet oak-forward with an ABV of 132.2 proof.

It has produced a moderately sweet bourbon with complex flavor profiles. You may detect notes of orange, maraschino cherries, and dates, as well as mint and unroasted peanut shells. Rye spice and pepper notes are light to moderately noticeable; there’s even an element that some call Jim Beam Funk that brings some additional notes to this blend.

Parker’s Heritage is an exciting and creative way for Heaven Hill to honor their late Master Distiller Parker Beam, as well as raise money for ALS research. Though its production may not match that of other Heaven Hill limited releases, Parker’s Heritage Collection remains an excellent addition to any bourbon collector’s arsenal.

Bottled at 66.1% ABV

Heaven Hill’s Parker’s Heritage series has become legendary among enthusiasts of bourbon. Every year, Heaven Hill releases a limited-run whiskey that explores different styles and tones; 2018’s release marks its 16th edition dedicated to Parker Beam, who passed away last year and will contribute towards ALS research efforts through proceeds from each bottle sold.

Parker’s Heritage Double Barreled Blend for 2017 features an uncut and non-chill filtered 13-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon double-barreled for 15 years, as well as 15-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon from January 2007 barrels. Both components were presented at cask strength (132.2 proof) to produce this year’s blend.

Although Parker’s Heritage release doesn’t break new ground, it remains an impressive addition. Other large distilleries like Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam also release annual releases with innovative mash bills or barrel experiments; Jim Beam’s Little Book Series offers malt whiskies as well as expressions with orange curacao finishes – these offerings can all be found within their respective lineups.

Parker’s Heritage provides an opportunity for the company to emphasize the significance of tradition in bourbon production. Each bottle in this series tells its tale and pays homage to Parker Beam and his contributions to this industry.

Since 2013, Parker’s Heritage releases have raised more than $1 million for ALS research. Each edition features its style and is named for a specific location around the world – past releases have included single-barrel rye as well as 18-year-old bourbon released to honor Parker’s son.

Parker’s Heritage 2022 is an ideal bourbon for those who appreciate classic styles with bold flavors and high proof levels. The double-barreled aging process adds another dimension of flavor, while its higher ABV ensures this bottle stands out on any shelf. Available as a 750ml bottle with an MSRP of $175 and priced to be enjoyed by any whiskey connoisseur who appreciates experimenting with unique and experimental varieties, Parker’s Heritage 2022 should make for a worthwhile investment for those seeking an authentic whiskey experience!