LolBeans Review


LolBeans is an engaging online multiplayer game where you control a bean character who competes against other players to be the first one across the finish line. Obtain the Best information about LOLBeans.

Use your skill and quick reflexes to overcome obstacles while dodging traps and angry faces, with customizable skins and hats adding some flair.


LOLBeans is an enjoyable game suitable for children and adults of all ages, offering easy but challenging gameplay that keeps players busy for hours on end.

LOLBeans is an elimination battle-royale game with obstacle courses as its central theme, where your goal is to be first to the finish line and claim victory as a crown holder.

Each level contains numerous obstacles, such as swinging hammers and slippery hills. When jumping over them with your nimble fingers, avoid falling into any pits or traps that might await.

Your bean character can be customized with an assortment of accessories and clothes. At first, they will have bare skin, but with enough coins in your wallet, you can unlock unique outfits like Ice Cream, Mafia, Ninja, and Astronaut Gift Rabbit.

Begin by giving your bean a name. Next, you will enter an arena of beans sharing your desire to win big. Gameplay typically commences within 25 seconds, and you can roam freely without fear of getting eliminated from the competition.


Graphics in this mobile game match the competition, even though players are restricted to virtual booths. What stands out most is its eye-popping animation of your avatar as they zip through the air like jet pack worthy. There’s plenty of shady dude vs. bean shmoozing going on and lots of eyes on the prize; your main challenge will be making your way through its labyrinth of fun without losing control and knocking out your avatar altogether; for optimal results, keep a guard up and wallet close by for best results.

Game modes

LolBeans is an exciting and addictive browser-based game featuring beautiful graphics, easy gameplay mechanics, and an immersive world full of color to explore.

In this game, you control a bean character who must navigate various obstacles to be the first to cross the finish line. Use barriers to stop impediments from moving while collecting power-ups along the way.

Choose between various game modes, including time trial and survival, each offering its own challenges that require creative solutions to win.

LOLBeans is an entertaining and addicting game for free, offering an array of skins and accessories for customizing your character. There are nearly 60 distinct outfits, each in different colors. Plus, you could unlock signature skins like Ice Cream and Mafia Ninja Astronaut Gift Rabbit with enough coins.


LolBeans is an exciting multiplayer racing io game where players must navigate around obstacles to race to the finish line. Keep an eye out for hazards, take advantage of power-ups, and avoid becoming stuck in the mud if possible!

GameLoop and LOL Beans have joined forces to make this popular Android game available on PCs through GameLoop’s partnership. You can enjoy playing it on mobile devices such as an iPhone or iPad, but for an optimal experience, play on a computer with a powerful processor and large display. Considering these requirements, GameLoop partnered with LOL Beans so users could enjoy this popular Android title too!

The game aims to collect beans, but you’ll also learn about colors, numbers, and shapes. Plus, it’s designed for all ages (3-5) but ideal for children aged 3-5 as it keeps you entertained for hours!

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