LED Strip Light Track


LED strip light tracks or aluminum channels (also referred to as extrusions) serve some functions to make LED strips appear more like traditional lighting fixtures and protect them from dust or other damage. Discover the best info about energy efficient track lighting.

LEDs can help control glare and brightness levels and prevent lights from overheating, so be sure to inquire with your supplier about their BIN capabilities and whether there is a cooling mechanism built into their product.


The material used for LED strip light track varies, affecting how it looks when installed. Some options include frosted lenses that snap over aluminum extrusions to diffuse light more evenly, helping reduce glare and hot spots and providing a more finished appearance during installation.

Alternative lighting tracks that allow light to shine through are made from aluminum and come complete with transparent material, allowing the light to illuminate everything within its path. This type of track can create an ultra-sleek built-in look, perfect for TV backlighting or under kickboards, cove lighting, or highlighting cabinets or shelving units.

There are also lighting track solutions with an angled surface to allow the lights to illuminate at an angled 45-degree angle, making this ideal for under cabinet or shelf lighting that needs to cover more surface area.

Most track options are crafted from anodized aluminum for increased corrosion protection and sold in 3-foot increments up to full reels measuring 16.4ft (5M). Cut lines along each strip make cutting to more precise measurements easier, making this an excellent solution for commercial kitchens, offices, and retail spaces.


LED strip lighting comes in various colors to fit any room or use case, from warm white home theater lighting to cool white bathroom illumination. Even multiple hues of blue offer soothing or energetic mood settings depending on your needs.

Simple light strips display one color at a time, while more sophisticated ones integrate with voice assistants and music (some can even change colors with each beat of music!). Even waterproof versions are designed specifically for outdoor use – making these perfect for brightening up a back deck or patio railing!

Density should also be a key consideration when purchasing LED strips and can be expressed as LEDs per meter – higher numbers typically signify improved light output.

Most multi-color LED strip lights are RGB, which can display combinations of red, green, and blue lights. You may wish to seek out one with dedicated white LEDs interspersed between RGB diodes for more authentic white tones, as these may be more expensive. Pixel LED strips allow for even greater control over individual pixels, creating endless color effects that only your imagination limits!


LED strip light tracks come in many shapes, including linear extrusions, curved paths, and outdoor options. Many models also come equipped with integrated diffusers to reduce glare and hotspots – perfect for creating elegant lighting in modern spaces.

LED aluminum channels provide secure housing for strip lights, offering stability and protection while serving as effective heat sinks to extend their lifespan. They can also serve as effective heat sinks, extending their functional lifespan in applications like display cases, shelves, cabinets, furniture compartments, and more.

These connectors allow for seamless corner connections and are compatible with most strip lights. Constructed from high-grade 6063-T5 extruded aluminum material and treated with anodization for durability, these anti-oxidation-protected anodized surface treatments ensure longevity despite high temperatures; installation is easy, and they can even be cut to size!

There are many types of connectors for LED strip light tracks, and selecting the most suitable type for you depends on your intended use. Consider your intended application and any functionality such as dimming or RBG color-changing you need, such as dimming or selecting length carefully by measuring strip lights against the dimensions of the connectors you wish to purchase to ensure you get precisely the right ones for your project.


Led strip light track comes in various lengths to suit different applications. Available sizes range from 3.2 feet (1.0 meters) to 16 feet (5.0 meters). Before purchasing LED strips, you must know precisely how much room is in your room; otherwise, you could buy too many and potentially have them burn out over time due to voltage drops if made too long.

Various connectors are designed to link LED strips together so you can reach the length necessary for your room. When connecting your strips, it is crucial to use connectors that correspond with your chosen voltage – this ensures copper dots line up appropriately so they can communicate correctly between strips.

Another type of connector with clip pins on both ends can be beneficial when an obstacle such as a wall must be crossed – using this type of clip connector allows you to travel over it and continue installation without issue easily.

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