Onlia Insurance Reviews


Onlia is a digital insurer that emphasizes safety. It provides affordable premium insurance and speedy service. You can apply for insurance with Onlia while you’re enjoying Sunday brunch. Onlia also has licensed agents who can help you understand your policy options. Read on to learn more about Onlia.

Onlia is a digital insurer.

Onlia is a new digital insurer that has just launched in Canada. This company provides home and auto insurance online. It also has an innovative mobile app that encourages safer driving. With Onlia, you can instantly make changes and receive quotes without the hassle of dealing with brokers or phone calls. This company’s policies are also flexible and come with no-strings-attached cancellation fees.

The company also plans to focus on a “prevention-first” strategy to reach consumers. It will target three demographics: suburban families with young kids, established families with teenagers about to get their licenses, and young urban professionals who share roads with cyclists and pedestrians.

It offers discounts

Onlia Insurance offers several different discounts on car insurance premiums. These discounts are cumulative and can mean significant savings. To save even more money, consider combining these discounts with other discounts offered by Onlia, such as discounts for winter tires and multiple car insurance. In addition, Onlia offers discounts for being a long-time customer.

A good driving record means lower insurance costs. You can also save money if you’ve never made a claim. In addition, you can extend your coverage to car rentals and stop premium increases after your first at-fault collision. To get your free car insurance quote, visit the Onlia website. The Onlia site calculates your price based on risk factors.

Onlia auto insurance, customers can choose between replacement or repair if the damage is more significant than 75% of the vehicle’s value. In addition, onlia offers free rental cars while your car is being repaired. You can also get physical damage protection from Onlia for virtually any damage.

It has a safe driving app.

If you’re looking for a driving app that rewards you for safe driving, Onlia Insurance has one for you. The Onlia Sense app tracks your driving behavior and provides personalized coaching to improve your driving habits. Using the app can save you up to $550 per year on your insurance, and it can help you earn dining cards and cashback if you’re careful on the road.

The Onlia Sense driving app was developed in partnership with Insurance & Mobility Solutions (IMS), a firm that offers connected car data solutions. It uses the company’s software development kit to track drivers’ driving habits and offer incentives for safe driving.

It has licensed agents.

Onlia Insurance is an online insurance company that allows customers to purchase policies, manage them online, and get quotes on the spot. They also offer rewards and cashback programs for safe drivers. For example, customers who receive five or more accident-free years can receive up to $480 in gift cards each year by signing up for the Onlia Insurance app.

As an online insurance company, Onlia has made buying an insurance policy much easier than it used to be. Their auto and home insurance policies have competitive prices and many benefits, including standard rental cars, identity theft, and 24/7 claims support.

It has excellent coverage.

Onlia Insurance offers excellent coverage at an affordable price. In addition, they have a fast and efficient service that makes applying for their coverage fast and easy. If you are looking for a comprehensive insurance policy, you may consider adding the following coverages: a purchase price guarantee, liability coverage, and accident benefits.

Onlia Insurance also offers multiple discounts on car insurance. This can add up to significant savings for some customers. These discounts include a conviction-free discount, a multi-car discount, and a home discount. In addition, Onlia offers discounts for winter tires and a three-year customer loyalty discount.