KitchenAid Microwave Reviews


If you are looking for a microwave that is easy to install and has modern functions, you can check out KitchenAid. This American brand makes several home appliances. If you are looking for a replacement for your Whirlpool JetChef, this microwave might be the right choice.

KitchenAid is an American home appliance brand.

KitchenAid is an American home appliance manufacturer that produces various products, including kitchen and countertop appliances. The company is based in Ohio but also has South Carolina, Indiana, and Arkansas factories. It distributes its appliances throughout North America. Many of the company’s products are dishwashers and mixers.

The company was founded in 1919 and has continued to evolve. The first KitchenAid appliance was a stand mixer. The company later bought the Chambers Company, which produced fridges and cookers. By the mid-1990s, the company began manufacturing blenders. During this time, KitchenAid sponsored a popular television cooking program, Home Cooking, introducing its products to cooks.

It is a replacement for Whirlpool JetChef.

You may be looking for a replacement if you have a Whirlpool JetChef Microwave. This microwave has 1,000 watts of cooking power and a user-friendly keypad. It is similar to older models of the Whirlpool brand. The keypad is made of two sheets of plastic and is compatible with over 500 models of microwave ovens.

First, remove the power cable before cleaning the microwave. Some people fail to remove the power cable when cleaning their microwave, which results in hotspots when the appliance is on. Moreover, you should remove any packing materials that may be left inside the microwave. This is a common mistake, as people tend to forget to remove the packing material inside the microwave before cleaning it.

It is easy to install

Installing a KitchenAid microwave is relatively easy. The microwave comes with a trim kit and instructions on mounting it. However, there is no removal guide. Instead, you’ll need a helper, a screwdriver, and work gloves. It would help if you also referred to the user manual when making modifications.

First, disconnect the power source from the microwave. This should be done at the fuse box or breaker. Then, slide the microwave partially out of the cabinet cavity. If the microwave is built into the cabinet, you may need a partner to steady the cantilevered front of the unit. Next, remove the mounting box screw. This screw connects the electrical wire to the power supply. After removing the mounting box screw, use a Phillips head screwdriver to thread four 3/4 inch flathead screws into the microwave.

To ensure proper installation, it’s best to hire a professional. This will ensure that everything is aligned correctly and that nothing goes wrong. You should also ensure that you have all the components necessary to complete the installation. The appliance manual will include instructions explaining the process and the components needed to install it.

It has a lot of modern functions.

The KitchenAid microwave offers a range of modern features. It combines a microwave’s convenience with an oven’s baking ability. It reaches temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and can also grill certain types of foods. This model uses a 1,600-watt convection element to cook food evenly at the desired temperature. It also includes a convection rack, crisper pan, and baking tray for added convenience. It also comes with a stainless steel finish and drop-down door.

It has good customer service.

You may want to contact their customer service department if you have a problem with your new KitchenAid microwave. The team can assist you with anything from product questions to service plans. It can also help you with payments and returns. The support center also provides FAQs that can help you find solutions to many common problems. While they can’t solve every issue that may arise, you can find an answer to most of them here.