Internshala Trainings Offers Free Training in Kashmir, Ladakh, and Jammu


Internshala Trainings emphasize the importance of learning by doing, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-life scenarios. The courses include hands-on exercises and practical projects requiring students to build something from scratch, such as an app or website, an IoT device, or a digital marketing campaign. These hands-on exercises ensure that students understand the practical aspects of the subject.

Courses offered by Internshala Training

Internshala Trainings has launched a new campaign that offers free online training courses. The courses focus on financial independence, mental health, and how to deal with failure in life. Leading professionals teach the courses. They are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the best.

Students can choose from many different courses to fit their needs. There are courses for those who want to develop their skills or a career change. Whether you want to work in a field that interests you or pursue a dream job, Internshala can help you reach your goals. You can choose from computer science, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more courses.

Internships are challenging, especially when you are unfamiliar with the industry. Often, students will pass up these opportunities, but it’s essential to get the experience and understand how the industry works. The Internshala website has internships in cities all over India, so you can find one that best suits you.

Duration of the course

A recent announcement by Internshala has made it possible for students in Kashmir, Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir to get free access to its online training courses. Internshala is an online platform where students can learn various skills. Students can earn certificates upon completion of the training. The training duration depends on the selected program. Some courses take as little as eight weeks to complete, while others may be as long as two years.

Internshala has a comprehensive curriculum allowing students to learn in-demand skills in an immersive learning environment. It currently offers courses in twenty-three subjects, including 14 core engineering courses, 18 business and management courses, eight design courses, and 12 data science courses. Currently, over five million students have been trained through the company.

Internshala offers a 70-day online internship program to students from all over India. The program aims to build leaders of tomorrow by giving students hands-on experience and hands-on skills. It also offers online training and workshops that equip students with the necessary skills for a business career.

Cost of the course

Internshala offers two types of training courses: freemium and paid. Freemium courses provide basic training, while paid courses offer advanced training and extra features. Both types of training cost a few thousand rupees each. Internshala’s revenue comes from three primary sources: online training programs (which vary in length and category) and third-party advertising.

Internships are challenging, especially if you’re going into an industry, you don’t know much about. Most college students pass on such opportunities, but doing so is a massive waste of experience and understanding of how the industry works. If you’re looking for an internship in a field you’re not familiar with, Internshala can help you. The site lets companies post internship requirements in different cities throughout India, and you can search for a suitable internship based on the area of your choice.

Internshala Trainings has also launched a Learn With Me program, which rewards students based on their financial status. This program aims to empower people and give them the skills they need to succeed in the future. Top professionals ready to share their knowledge and experience deliver this training.

Lifetime access to the course

Internshala offers lifetime access to the training courses that it offers. The company has received much praise for its innovative approach to education and has been featured in various publications. Among them are Forbes, Business Standard, and Yourstory. It has also received NASSCOM 10K Startup Awards and Blume Ventures funding. It was also named a finalist in the People Matters TechHR 2015 Spotlight Awards this year.

The company was started by alumni of IIT Madras and had tie-ups with over 80,000 companies in India. The company has received high-profile media attention and is transforming the internship market in India. By removing the information asymmetry and trust issues, Internshala has successfully created a one-stop platform for students and employers.