IndusInd Learning Academy


Our school offers both a Leadership Curriculum that develops students’ leadership abilities and an Innovation Curriculum to foster innovation within our student body. In addition, the school boasts a comprehensive pedagogy featuring both physical and digital resources for student use.

Parents were surprised and unhappy to hear that their school would close down, yet refused to allow this setback halt their support of it.

Online learning

Indus Learning Academy’s e-learning platform gives students an opportunity to study at their own pace and in an approach that best meets them. Students can access it from any device – such as phones and desktop computers – making this ideal for all levels. Choose from IT, business marketing or accounting courses available as part of this program.

IndusInd Bank uses its digital foundation to increase workforce flexibility and productivity. This includes operating the customer-facing IndusMobile app during disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, they have introduced cloud-based operations for back office operations that allow them to continue providing services even when physical branches cannot accommodate them.

Parents, particularly those from abroad who had made Bangalore their new home, were taken aback when the decision was announced. Many immediately sent an angry email to management, with some even threatening legal action as a response.

However, management was open to working with the parent community and set forth several objectives. Raghavan led cost-benefit analyses, while Sophie Rogers from England spearheaded marketing initiatives. Meanwhile, other parents started writing positive reviews online, such as on Google or Facebook, in order to increase visibility for the school and reduce rent expenses. These parents managed to convince their landlord to reduce his rental agreement significantly.

Group classes

Indisind Learning Academy’s group classes offer students an excellent way to learn from both their classmates and teachers. Their experienced faculty uses multiple teaching methodologies that will help students grasp subject material quickly. Furthermore, there are study materials and online resources provided as supplements to class discussions; these can also prove especially helpful when preparing for college/graduate exams or exams taken before college graduation. If financing your education becomes an issue, then personal loans from IndusInd Bank could provide an ideal funding solution.

The school management had informed parents that without additional enrolments by May, they would have no other choice but to close their center. It was difficult for these parents to accept this news since they loved its holistic approach to education, and it served as a home away from home for children from all over the globe.

Raghavan and a handful of parents believed that the school could be saved if its community came together to run it. They began considering ways to reduce costs and drive marketing activity, even consulting their landlord in an attempt to negotiate new terms of rent payment.

Course-based classes

Course-based classes provide an excellent alternative for students who cannot afford traditional group classes and are led by a private tutor for a personalized learning experience. Courses may include presentations, assignments, internal exams that add up to your mark, as well as projects designed to give you a strong foundation.

Raghavan and other parents decided to publish positive reviews on Google and Facebook as well as drive marketing activity to show Indus they were serious about making their school sustainable. They negotiated rent with their landlord, and eventually, Indus agreed to allow the parent-run school to continue operating, sharing financial data with parents, as well as offering any assistance they could.

Tutors’ fees

As soon as Indus Whitefield Branch management informed parents they were incurring losses and must close in May, many parents were shocked. Many set up WhatsApp groups and started writing intensely worded emails threatening legal consequences against management, all determined to save their children’s schools. Some went further by looking at alternative schools nearby while also intensifying marketing and publicity efforts via Facebook pages, Google reviews, etc.