How to Watch Netflix With Friends


If you’re unsure how to watch Netflix with friends, you can use a group webcam to coordinate your viewing. This way, you can see what your group is watching and their reactions in real-time. However, this option is only suitable if you’re watching Netflix with a small group of friends. Otherwise, you can coordinate by texting or video chatting.


If you want to watch Netflix with friends, try using the new Scener app. It is available for iOS and Google Chrome and syncs with your Netflix account. It allows you to invite up to ten friends to watch the same movie. The app also allows you to pause, play, and rewind the video.

You can even video chat while watching Netflix. The app also supports chat rooms. But note that it only works with the primary Netflix profile. Also, the app limits the number of simultaneous viewers to ten. It allows the leader of a room to pause and restart playback. This means that you’ll need to remember that the more people you invite, the better, but you still want to limit the number of people who watch the same movie simultaneously.

One of the best things about Scener is that it allows you to create and host your virtual watch party. This app is compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. With it, you can have your friends join your virtual movie night and enjoy the latest Netflix series with others.


Caavo is a companion app for Apple TV that makes watching Netflix with friends a breeze. Whether using an iPad or an iPhone, Caavo syncs your content across all your devices, keeping everyone on the same page as you watch. The app works with Netflix for now, but you can add other services in the future.

The company is also expanding its offering to other devices, such as Roku and Apple TV. It also has an app for Chrome that makes watching Netflix with friends as easy as possible. The app has a companion website called NetflixParty, which lets users plan their own Netflix watch parties.

Meta stream

Meta stream can make it much easier if you enjoy watching Netflix with friends. This free service allows you to watch your favorite movies with your friends, and there’s no complicated set-up. The app is compatible with many streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and YouTube. It also lets you control playback precisely, making it a great option for group watch sessions.

Meta stream is free and open source. It supports various streaming services, including Netflix, YouTube, and Crunchyroll. It supports text chat and syncs video and audio. You can start a private or public party and invite as many friends as you want to watch.

Chrome extension

If you’re interested in chatting with your friends while watching Netflix, you can use the Chrome extension called Netflix Party. This extension lets you host a live chat room with your friends and even allows you to share content with them. All you need is a Netflix subscription and the extension. Once the extension is installed, all you have to do is click the “NP” icon next to the address bar, and your friends will be able to join the chat room.

After setting up your Netflix account, you can start watching movies and TV shows with your friends. Then, you can easily share a link to a movie or TV show with your friends. After sharing the link, they can join your chat and watch the same content. You can also chat with them in the sidebar chat.


If you want to watch Netflix with friends, you can do so with the help of an extension called Telepathy. This extension is available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users. You can simply download it and install it on your browser. The extension is visible as an NP icon near the address bar, and you can pin it to your streaming platform.

The Telepathy extension works by enabling you to host virtual streaming rooms and watch your favourite shows with your friends. It is free to download and works with all browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. After downloading the Teleparty extension, you can host your Teleparty by playing your favourite show, retrieving a shareable link, and transferring it to a virtual streaming room. Telepathy also has a chat feature that allows you to chat with the other participants while watching the show.