Seattle personal injury attorney: Look for THESE traits


Whether it is a case of medical practice, a product defect, or a car crash, dealing with a personal injury claim is never easy. If you are looking forward to filing a claim after an injury in Seattle, you must be sure of every step. Just knowing the state laws in Washington is not enough; it is equally necessary to find the right strategy to fight your case. That’s where a seasoned Seattle personal injury attorney can fit in.

Here are some traits you need to look for when searching for a lawyer.

  1. Immediate response: When you are injured and grappling with financial distress, the last thing you would want is to wait for days for an attorney to respond. Start with the response of the lawyer’s office. Did they answer your calls and emails? Did they offer an appointment? If yes, how long were you asked to wait?
  2. Clear answers. An injury attorney is expected to answer all your questions related to the claim in detail. If a lawyer says all good things but doesn’t want to discuss their strategy or insights related to the case, they are certainly not as skilled as they claim. Your lawyer should talk about the case worth and other pertinent factors.
  3. Secure communication: There’s one difference that can help you choose between lawyers in Seattle – communication! While injury attorneys have a busy schedule, they usually have a team to handle calls and emails. You should be able to get updates from the attorney’s office when required and must be able to reach out as necessary.
  4. Experience in similar cases. The work related to a slip & fall accident is unique and cannot be compared to that of an auto accident claim. As a client, you need an injury attorney who is experienced in the industry and has worked on similar cases. Ask the lawyer about the top settlements they have won so far.
  5. Ability to tell the truth. There is no point in having a lawyer who is okay with lying and stating incorrect details. Eventually, the investigation will reveal everything, and you need to find someone who can tell you the truth, even if that means your expectations are hurt.

Make a list of top-rated local injury attorneys in Seattle now and ensure that you meet at least a few of them.

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