How to Use a Procreate Tutorial


If you want to learn how to use Procreate, you’ve come to the right place. Procreate is an illustration and design tool that allows you to create everything from digital hand lettering to animations. Many different Procreate tutorials online will teach you how to use the app to your benefit. If you’re new to the app, you need to know a few different things. Hopefully, the information below will help you get started.

Step-by-step drawing guide

To learn to draw in Procreate, you need to start with a basic sketch. This will give you a reference point for coloring. Then, choose the technical pen brush, which is found in the inking menu. This brush is helpful because it gives you a clean line. The rough sketch doesn’t have to be perfect, but you should adjust the proportions and position of the features to achieve the desired effect.

Next, download some brushes for use with Procreate. These brushes are very useful because they are free on the app. You can also change their sizes using the Design Panel on the right side of the Procreate interface. Another great feature of Procreate is the ability to use layers. This feature is very useful for separating your work and saving it. You can also use layers to combine your work.

In addition to learning how to draw with Procreate, you can also take advantage of the timelapse feature. A timelapse can be created by recording every stroke you make while creating an illustration. Skillshare instructor Vashti Harrison takes you through this process to create a timelapse of your work. Then, you can share your timelapse with your friends and family to show how you created your illustration.

Touch commands

You may have noticed a blue Zoom button on your screen. Touch commands let you use these gestures to interact with your Procreate interface. To use touch commands, tap the canvas with two fingers. If you press it with three fingers, the canvas will be enlarged to fill the entire screen. If you press the canvas with two fingers again, it will shrink again to the original size. Touch commands are also available in Procreate’s cheat sheet.

There is also a copy and paste feature in Procreate. Using this command, you can copy any content on one layer and paste it on another. If you want to move the sidebar, just drag your finger across the edge of the interface to the modify button. You can also adjust the Threshold by dragging a color button onto the desired shape. After you adjust the Threshold, you can adjust your color bleed.

Many Procreate tips and tricks can be applied to the drawing. You can learn about the entire process of portraiture in this tutorial. The artist explains each tool in detail. It’s a good way to understand portraiture and the basics of portraiture. This tutorial can help you get started if you’re new to Procreate. Once you’ve mastered the basics of Touch commands, you can learn more advanced techniques with the help of a tutorial.


If you’re just starting to use Procreate, there are a few shortcuts you should know. These shortcuts will save you time and increase your efficiency when drawing. They can be found in Actions, Prefs, and Gesture Controls. These shortcuts will help you get started in no time. To learn more, check out our Procreate tutorial. There’s no better way to save time and make your drawings look great than with the help of these shortcuts.

Single touch gestures are a great way to speed up your drawing and reduce your time spent performing basic actions. These shortcuts allow you to zoom, move, and tap your canvas without using two fingers. Single Touch Gesture Companion simplifies this task by reducing your time performing these actions. To enable these gestures, go to Actions > Prefs. The Single Touch Gestures Companion will show a blue line around the center of your canvas. Tap this blue line to zoom in or out.

Draw shapes in Procreate is another shortcut to make your life easier. You can draw a shape by holding the Apple Pencil and tapping the screen with one finger. The shape will snap to the screen, so you can move it around to achieve the exact shape you’re after. Tap it again with two fingers to adjust the opacity, and you’re done. In Procreate, you can also change the opacity of colors and use a new color similarly.


Creating a blending image in Procreate is a crucial part of the digital art design. It is a skill that takes time to master but will make the process easier in the long run. Here are some tips for beginners to get started. It is a good idea to practice on simple objects first. While it might seem difficult to achieve perfect blending results, practicing on a simple object will help you get better results in the long run.

First, you need to choose a single layer. This layer will be your base. You should also select a clipping mask to avoid blending outside of the drawing. You can also use any Procreate brush to create a blending effect. However, you should be sure to use a mask before you start blending. Once you’ve done that, you can begin blending. Once you’ve finished blending, you can move on to other elements and apply new colors.

The next step is to choose two colors for the blending process. To do this, tap the “Color” icon on the toolbar. Then, choose the colors you want to blend from the palette. Once you’ve selected the colors, tap the “Brush” icon and select the “Smudge” brush. Then, drag your finger across the screen to apply the blend. The longer you drag, the more pronounced the blending effect will be. Repeat steps 1-3 until you’ve blended all the colors.


Using masks in Procreate is an effective way to improve your workflow and creativity. It allows you to hide some parts of your drawing without affecting the rest. It’s also non-destructive, so you can change the mask in real-time without having to save your entire drawing. Adding a mask will enable you to easily edit your work and bring it to a finished state. In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to use this handy feature.

The first step in using the masking tool in Procreate is to adjust the image. Cropping or resizing an image will make it easier to identify which layers need masks. Using the masks tool will also allow you to use the clipping mask tool, which is very powerful. This tip will help you with future projects. Masking is also a great way to create a layered composite. The resulting image will be perfect for creating beautiful illustrations!

Another useful feature in Procreate is Layer Masks. This allows you to add details to text without affecting the original image. You can also add a clipping mask to lettering in Procreate. Then, you can draw on the top of the mask layer with any color. This method is also useful for adding details to a drawing. Moreover, the clipping mask allows you to lock the layer’s transparency.

Creating 3D lettering

Whether creating a logo or a name tag, you can easily create stunning lettering designs in Procreate. This application has tools to help you create 3D lettering. You can find these tools in the Adjustments menu. Follow the steps below to learn how to create these unique lettering pieces. Using this tutorial, you can create 3D lettering in minutes.

– First, draw a horizontal line across your design. You can use a pencil or a pen. After drawing the line, add a vertical line to help you find the center of your composition. Next, draw a rough circle to determine the spacing of your lettering. Ensure the layer is below the front face layer in the Layers panel. After that, you’re ready to create the 3D lettering.

– Draw with brushes. The Procreate app has a huge library of free brushes, so you can experiment with various styles before investing in an expensive tool. Procreate tutorials are available for beginners and advanced artists alike. They also provide tips on how to use Procreate’s masks to create a more realistic-looking 3D look. You’ll also learn to use Procreate tools and brushes and combine multiple layers for a more professional look.