Bosch Demolition Hammers


Bosch demolition hammers are powerful tools designed to break through concrete and other hard materials with ease. Equipped with Constant Response circuitry for consistent power under load, smooth starts, and overload protection, as well as an ergonomic padded rear handle for operator comfort, they make demolition quick and painless. Choose the best Demolition Contractor Oxnard.

Rotary hammer drills and breakers are heavy-duty power tools capable of performing concrete drilling and demolition tasks, with powerful motors producing thousands of blows per minute (bpm).

Powerful motor

Bosch demolition hammers feature potent motors capable of producing thousands of blows per minute and are perfect for construction or demolition jobs. Their versatile designs feature both rotary hammer mode and hammer-only mode for optimal performance in drilling concrete or masonry, such as the 11321EVS SDS-max combination hammer’s 13.0 amp motor that delivers 6.1 foot-pounds of impact energy while only weighing 13.7 Lbs. Additionally, this tool also has Active Vibration Control technology to reduce vibration for optimal user comfort during extended usage.

Bosch also makes a highly-acclaimed demolition hammer called the RH1255VC that boasts a 14 amp motor capable of generating up to 12.4 foot-lbs impact energy, featuring a padded rear handle to absorb shock for operator comfort, Constant Response circuitry for soft starts and overload protection, variable speed dial for controlled chipping as well as service minder light that reminds users to perform routine maintenance of their tool.

Bosch’s 12-lb breaker features a 5.6lb impact energy and comes with a 360-degree side handle for overhead work, making it easy to maneuver. It features a large grip area on its hammer tube to allow users to hold it in various positions comfortably; additional features include an easily removable bit changer and swivel base cord for maximum flexibility; finally, it also features an innovative dust-control system to maintain clean and safe working environments.

Ergonomic design

Bosch demolition hammers are powerful and versatile tools for drilling or chipping masonry, brick, and concrete surfaces. Equipped with an efficient motor that produces thousands of blows per minute (bpm), these powerful tools are also great for mounting items onto concrete and masonry studs or breaking frozen pipes set into walls; their sturdy design makes them suitable for demanding contractors as well as DIY users; many even feature an inbuilt Service Minder light to notify users when maintenance needs to be performed.

Some Bosch rotary hammer drills and breakers feature Active Vibration Control to reduce hand strain over extended periods, helping reduce fatigue and enhance productivity on the job site. Others feature SDS-max chuck systems for tool-free bit changes, increased impact energy transfer to the chisel, and Vario-Lock positioning so users can select their optimal chiseling position for their specific application at hand.

One effective way of testing out a new demolition hammer is giving it to an expert and letting him/her put it through its paces. Recently, I gave one of Bosch’s light demolition hammers for testing by labor foreman Octaveo “Tata” Aceves from Tiger Concrete and Screed (TCS), where Tata works as a labor foreman. Tata has over ten years of experience working in concrete construction. In fact, Tata is widely respected throughout Southeast America for his expertise.

Comfortable grip

Bosch demolition hammers feature ergonomic handles with comfortable grips for use in multiple positions and lightweight construction for easier control and use on long jobs. Some models even come equipped with an active vibration control system to minimize user vibration – perfect for heavy-duty drilling applications!

The Bosch 11264EVS SDS-max combination hammer is a light demo tool with a powerful punch. Delivering up to 5.6 Ft-Lbs of impact energy at 2,800 BPM with just 12.4 lbs in weight, its impressive power-to-weight ratio makes this an excellent tool. Equipped with SDS-max tool-free bit changes and automatic bit locking for maximum impact-energy transfer rate as well as Vario-Lock positioning, which enables users to rotate and lock their chisel into 12 different positions; additionally, it comes complete with an auxiliary handle as well a carrying case for full mobility.

This powerful rotary hammer is ideal for drilling and chipping concrete and demolition. Its clutch system utilizes Active Response technology, preventing wrenching if the bit becomes lodged against hard material like rebar or other hard substances. Thus, it helps protect wrists, arms, and shoulders from injury and avoid violent wrenching when needed. In addition, its Service Minder light alerts users when maintenance needs to be performed.


Bosch demolition hammers and breakers are designed to tackle even the most demanding drilling tasks with ease, featuring powerful motors capable of producing thousands of blows per minute and active vibration control to reduce fatigue while working. Some models also include SDS-Max chuck systems for tool-free chisel changes that maximize power transfer to the chisel, service minder lights that indicate when maintenance is necessary, dust-control technology to keep workspaces clear of debris – features that make these tools perfect choices for construction projects of all kinds!