How to Find a Doctor at NYU Langone Health


NYU Langone Health’s doctors provide a wide array of medical services. In addition to offering cutting-edge therapies and therapies that personalize care to each patient, our doctors are leaders in research and education; some were even named to New York magazine’s 2012 “Best Doctors” list!

Find a doctor by specialty.

Finding a doctor is often an essential task. Picking one to provide primary care may be as significant as choosing your marriage partner and may last decades. There are various factors to consider when selecting your primary physician, including background information and whether they’re included in your health plan network. Thankfully, most research can be completed online before ever setting foot in their office.

Use resources like your state’s medical licensing board website or one of the online doctor listings to gain basic information on a physician, including education and certification details. Some sites also list how long a particular practitioner has been practicing at their current location – the longer someone has been practicing, the greater their experience may be.

Word-of-mouth from friends and family can be the best source of information about physicians. They can tell you which doctors they think are competent, pleasant to work with, and easy to talk to; however, they may not always be able to assess whether a particular physician meets all your specific needs. You can also gain more insight into a physician’s personality by browsing social media profiles.