Work Your Small Business From Your iPhone instructions Essential Apps


Being a sole proprietor, I HATE to feel I always have to be at my desk for just a prescribed number of hours or even perform certain tasks. Therefore, when I recently went traveling around Europe in my campervan, I had to find solutions to produce the freedom I wanted to enjoy our trip, but also to remain in command of my businesses, and not consider my eye off the basketball. I still use All these in the everyday running regarding my business when Now I’m not in the office… which is getting quite frequent! To learn how to unlock iphone free, click here.

1) Firstly, I had to find a way to access my pc for the sole purpose of running the particular payroll on a Friday… virtually any business is only as good as its the staff. so there was no chance this could go wrong!

I discovered LogMeIn – free remote use of my computer just as easily was sitting right facing it. I just needed a connection to the internet, which isn’t difficult to find close to Europe. There is a desktop model as well as an iPhone app, nevertheless, the app isn’t free… worth £17 even though.

2) Being a bit of a handle freak, I check our Google Analytics account once or twice every day, as I like to specify how the site visitors found people.

I discovered Analytics Lite: another free app I always still use all the time seeing that it’s quicker than looking into my desktop!

3) Each of my business websites is set up using WordPress, and I was required to make sure that if there was an issue with either site while I seemed to be away, I could access it, in addition, to fixing it as soon as possible.

WordPress possesses a free app. As it transpires, I didn’t need it, nevertheless, it gave me fantastic peace of mind.

4) I was discussing mobile internet websites with an SEO guy and he ridiculed me when I said that yes There is a mobile website, and yes it seems to run just fine on the iPhone. I was referring to my very own original website, which is not what he recommended!

I discovered DudaMobile – a different free app that will transfer your existing website to a mobile website which perhaps gives you an app-style favicon on your iPhone as well as Android home screen

5) I like to cast my beady eye over any 100 % legal docs before they get away from our office, and I in addition love to analyze statistics to a new level, but I didn’t aim to use LogMeIn for anything,

I discovered Google Docs: free ‘MS Office’ sort programs that can be accessed if you have an internet connection, and distributed to different users at the same time. This specific meant my manager can ‘show’ me stats searching at the same spreadsheet, at the same time, although talking me through it above the phone. We’ve shifted our entire document and also spreadsheet library over to this specific!

6) As I wouldn’t manage to take out of hours telephone calls on the hop, I needed to receive away for my prospective clientele to communicate with me and have answers to their queries. E-mail would be too slow. Required a system that would allow me flexibility, while still giving excellent customer service.

I discovered Comm100 – a FREE ‘Chat Now’ button that I embedded into the header banner of our website. I downloaded the particular free app to our iPhone, and every time a person wanted to connect for several hours, I had a loud warning announcement from my iPhone. That I knew I had a few minutes to behave so I’d find a motel and away to go!

7) There were times when I wanted to evaluate up on the office and make sure that hadn’t burnt down as well as been burgled… or even the team doing acrobatics over the agents!

I installed Skype on the iPhone and randomly identified as my manager for easy chats a few times… I was disappointed everyone was Sowell-operated in the background!

So, I had an awesome stress-free trip, and I certainly do not work Fridays… well definitely not in the office anyway!

Call Batteries have gained so much understanding over the years, that it would be a disgrace to keep it all to themselves…. so we’ll share everything we can when we can.

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