HISTORYMAKER Homes reviews are inconsistent across communities, and there is a wide range of opinions on the company. Generally, negative reviews are more common online, where unhappy customers can vent their frustrations. However, positive reviews do exist. Read on to discover what the community has to say.

Spec homes

HistoryMaker Homes is a new home builder known for building high-quality new-construction homes. Their customers get high marks for their beautiful floor plans, affordable upgrades, and professional craftsmanship. HistoryMaker Homes also offers an excellent customer service experience. If you are considering buying one of their new homes, be sure to read some HistoryMaker Homes reviews before you make your final decision.

Spec homes are an excellent option for first-time buyers looking for a new property. If you are looking for new construction with a high degree of customization, a spec home might be for you. However, if you prefer a fully custom-built home, you’ll likely pay a lot.

As for completion times, HISTORYMAKER Homes has a thorough inspection process to ensure that the homes are constructed to the highest standards. They walk buyers through the home during construction to ensure everything is up to par. The builder will address any issues they find during the walkthrough before the buyer can move in. HISTORYMAKER Homes can also provide a list of trusted 3rd party inspectors if necessary.

Contingency contracts

A contingency contract is a legal document that stipulates a condition that must be met for it to become binding. A contingency contract is a good option for HISTORYMAKER Homes because it benefits both the seller and the buyer. HISTORYMAKER Homes will work with you to discuss your needs and budget and then begin the construction process.

A HISTORYMAKER home can take between five and eight months to complete, but this time frame can vary based on the level of pre-planning, customization, and weather. According to economists, the housing market is expected to improve in the next few years thanks to favorable economic conditions and low mortgage rates.

One option that may be attractive for buyers is a move-in-ready home. This option allows buyers to move in sooner, which is beneficial during the COVID period. Alternatively, building from scratch can allow buyers to choose their plan and site and may be a better option for those who need cash proceeds.

Customer contact process

HistoryMaker Homes wanted to update its customer contact process and looked for a CRM solution that would integrate the various functions of a CRM and ERP system. Their current CRM had insufficient functionality and was not well integrated. Moreover, their company rapidly grew into new markets and needed a CRM solution to track the customer’s journey and integrate seamlessly with their ERP system. For example, the company has been building homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 60 years and recently expanded into Houston. There are around 80 employees and more than 80 communities, and they needed a CRM that would track their customer’s entire journey.

HistoryMaker Homes strives to make the customer’s experience as pleasant as possible. This goal is achieved by offering a customer contact process that includes a team of representatives overseeing new homes’ construction. These representatives will answer questions and guide the customer through the building process.


HistoryMaker Homes is a popular homebuilder that offers a variety of options. Their prices are competitive, and their floorplan selection is top-notch. However, customers who are unhappy with their purchase will leave a negative review online. This makes it crucial to read HISTORYMAKER Homes’ reviews carefully before building with them.

HistoryMaker Homes offers structural, mechanical, and functional warranties to protect against major problems. The warranty is available for ten years, and the coverage is detailed in the contract. The company promises to resolve warranty claims within seven business days. Customers can also ask for additional inspections if they think something is wrong.

When buying a new home, you may be surprised to learn that you can select options even before construction begins. This “option period” is a short window for buyers to decide if a particular design or feature is right for them. However, remember that once construction begins, the earnest money is non-refundable. This means you may be paying more for a home similar to yours, but the builder’s motivation is to get rid of it. In addition, you may be offered a discount if you buy a home that is already built.