GVA Property Management Reviews


Choosing the right property management company for your company can be difficult. GVA Property Management, Inc., is an Austin, Texas-based vertically integrated real estate company, that specializes in affordable and conventional opportunities. Their focus is on maximizing value in the multi-family real estate sector, and they are committed to creating that value. They are particularly focused on growing sub-markets, and they tap into the market’s upside with a variety of assets.


Touted as a property management firm, GVA has 16 value add apartment complexes in the San Antonio area. The company has several notable firsts including the first telecast on the local news channel, as well as the first one ota property management firm in the state to use a cloud-based property management platform to manage its portfolio of properties. The company has also recently landed a sizable deal with the big guns in the mortgage industry. GVA aficionados can expect to see plenty of merriment shortly.

GVA’s property management team is not one to mess with. The company has been around for several years and is considered a reputable player in the industry, thanks to its stellar client service and employee retention.


Currently, there are 2356 vacancies with GVA Property Management. The average salary for an employee working at GVA is $62,250. However, individual salaries can vary according to location, education, and skill. A job description can also play a role in determining the salary.

GVA Property Management, based in San Antonio, TX, is a property management company that provides a high-quality living for residents. The company offers competitive compensation packages and benefits and provides a range of development opportunities for employees. In addition to these benefits, the company has an employee-centric culture, and employees are encouraged to pursue career advancement.

As a Maintenance Supervisor, you will be responsible for minor routine maintenance on equipment, as well as the maintenance of storage areas. You will also be responsible for keeping the community safe and clean and must be knowledgeable of the physical property throughout the community.

Work-life balance

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Job security

Located in Austin, Texas, GVA Property Management is an industry leader in the multifamily industry. The company provides a quality living experience for residents and visitors. The company offers competitive compensation and benefits, and a variety of career paths. It also has a reputation for causing a ruckus.

GVA Property Management has 17 employees, and it ranked #17,194 in the overall job rankings, and #510 in the city rankings. To get hired, applicants are expected to have at least 3 years of experience in a related field.

The company provides an excellent customer service experience in its leasing offices. The company also has a large, diverse asset portfolio. It manages several apartment communities and pays particular attention to expanding its sub-markets.

Salary ranges

Among the companies that offer good salaries is VGA Property Management. This company is located in San Antonio, Texas. The company’s employees are positive about working for this company. Some of them offer feedback about the company’s culture and job security. These reviews can give you helpful insights into working conditions, compensation, and training opportunities.

In addition, VGA Property Management also has a list of open jobs. These positions require different skills, experience, and qualifications. The salary ranges vary depending on the job description and location. For example, a Maintenance Technician can be hired as a full-time or part-time employee. The Maintenance Technician performs routine maintenance tasks, checks appliances, and informs the Service Manager of any problems.

The maintenance Supervisor knows the budget and maintains a thorough understanding of the physical properties of the community. This person routes service requests to the maintenance department and ensures that storage areas are locked when they are not in use. He or she also performs minor routine maintenance on equipment.