Gorilla Bow Review: Is It the Portable Home Gym You Want?

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In this Gorilla Bow Review, we agree that there aren’t many alternatives for portable strength training equipment. The options on the market are rather restricted.

Most of them are made up of various types of resistance band sets. While I enjoy them as well and have a couple of them, if you’re anything like me, you’ll grow bored quickly.

Gorilla Bow Review – A more complicated portable home gym equipment will enable you to vary your training regimen. Gorilla Bow is a portable home gym device that unconventionally uses resistance bands.

Gorilla Bow Review

Image source: Gorilla Bow

The manufacturer added a pair of resistance bands to a frame that is nothing more than a traditional bow (like the “bow and arrow” sort of item). They then built a complete exercise regimen around it.

Gorilla Bow Review: The goal was to create a portable and simple-to-use device that improves the complete body. Some of you may believe that this product is ineffective, but anybody who has attempted archery or hunting with a bow understands how difficult the skill can be.

This training tool, first and foremost, targets the upper back while also incorporating other muscle areas such as the core. Furthermore, Gorilla Bow was intended to be utilized in a variety of ways other than the traditional shooting pattern.

You will be able to execute bicep curls, shoulder presses, squats, triceps extensions, and other exercises thanks to the item’s resistance bands.

Gorilla Bow Review: The amazing design

  1. The bow has the same design as a traditional bow and arrow, but it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Aircraft-grade aluminum is desirable due to its high tensile strength and low weight.

    Because the total weight of the Gorilla bow plus the resistance bands is just 8 pounds, this makes the Gorilla bow highly portable (approximately).

    However, the aircraft-grade aluminum is not the same as the material used in the crushable energy drink cans. It is the sort that can withstand 300 pounds of force without bending or snapping.

  2. The Gorilla Bow portable home gym comes with a pair of interchangeable resistance bands that you can adjust to fit your strength.

    There are four latex resistance cables available, each with a resistance of 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 32 pounds, and 45 pounds (heavier resistance bands can also be purchased).

    It’s simple to connect the resistance wires and use the Gorilla Bow. The gorilla bow includes a “flex claw” on either end that allows for simple strapping and unstrapping of the resistance wires.

    You may attach up to four different resistance bands to the Gorilla Bow at once. That is, you experiment with different resistance levels for each exercise.

Gorilla Bow Review: The Disadvantages

Some of the Gorilla Bow Reviews agree on the following:

Gorilla Bow Review – The original Gorilla Bow isn’t particularly portable for air travel — Because it doesn’t fold, the main Gorilla Bow isn’t very convenient to fly with (and is quite long). This was a problem with the initial model, but it no longer exists.

You might pick the Gorilla Fitness Travel Bow if you want a bow that is highly portable and can be disassembled into 3 x 21-inch parts, intended to fit in your backpack (or to be kept in tiny locations).

It is somewhat more expensive than the original, but it is well worth the extra money if you travel frequently and want to bring some lightweight training equipment with you. If you’re not traveling with it, or if you’re only traveling locally, the primary bow will suffice.

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Can the Gorilla Bow be used to build muscle?

Curls (Biceps): The Gorilla Bow may be used in place of normal weights to do bicep curls. It can create an amazing level of resistance to assist you in swiftly building muscle.

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