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Winter Garden, situated 14 miles southwest of Orlando in Orange County, is famous for its tourist attractions and bustling economy.


The Winter Garden, Florida 34787 zip code covers part of Orange County and encompasses Winter Garden and other localities in its jurisdiction. Locate directions to 34787, view local businesses and landmarks, get traffic estimates, and discover current commute times of 28.1 minutes compared to 26 minutes nationally.

Winter Garden is a rapidly expanding suburban community and one of its fastest-growing. Home to numerous parks and recreational facilities such as Winter Garden Nature Preserve, its downtown district is a popular attraction for visitors and residents, featuring boutique stores to major chain stores for retail needs.

Winter Garden is an attractive location with low unemployment and homeownership rates that exceed national averages. Additionally, this city is known for its robust school system and convenient proximity to hospitals, colleges, and universities for education. Furthermore, Winter Garden boasts numerous dining and shopping venues.

According to real estate data, Winter Garden led all other Orlando area ZIP codes in home sales during the first quarter of 2016. ZIP code 34787 encapsulates portions of Winter Garden and Ocoee, Four Corners, and Oakland towns.

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Zip code 34787 is home to residents from various cultures and ethnicities, mainly white residents, 15.4% African American and 0.4% Native American, respectively. A portion of its inhabitants also consist of Asians and Pacific Islanders or other races – the median age for residents being 36.

Winter Garden residents typically commute by driving, walking, or public transit – usually taking 28.1 minutes on average to work each day. This figure exceeds the national average by three minutes.

One of the significant factors affecting any community’s economy is how many jobs there are available in that region. A bustling job market makes the area more appealing for business owners and employees, but too few jobs means an economic decline could occur within that city or town.

An effective way to assess the job market is by looking at its unemployment rate. The unemployment rate measures how many of those looking for work are unemployed – making this an essential measurement to gauge economic health and determine whether government policies are working effectively.

Another critical metric is the median household income or the annual earnings average for households in an area. This information is compiled and updated yearly by the US Census Bureau and allows comparison of household income across regions and demographic groups and trend analysis over time.

Winter Garden’s poverty rate stands at 6.8%, or 602 families. Families with three or more children experience the highest poverty rates, while those with two or less have the lowest. Winter Garden’s poverty rate is lower than its national counterpart but still needs improvement – one way of doing this would be creating more employment in Winter Garden and raising the education levels of its residents.


Winter Garden stands out among other cities regarding education, with over 50% of residents holding at least a bachelor’s degree, according to the US Census. Furthermore, its average household income is $89,692, making this community genuinely diverse, hosting famous names such as NFL player Nolan Fontana, MLB pitcher Mason Williams, and YouTuber Adande Thorne, among many more.

Winter Garden residents are served by an impressive variety of schools and institutions of higher learning in their area, many renowned for their outstanding educational programs and highly rated by both students and parents alike. Winter Garden schools cover all levels of education, from elementary through college levels.

Figure 6 provides a breakdown of those in Winter Garden who have received postsecondary education, both those receiving a bachelor’s or higher advanced degree on campus and associate or equivalent degrees through on-campus learning environments.

Winter Garden boasts a meager school dropout rate, as evidenced by this graph. This chart displays the percentage of adults 25 years and older who either dropped out of school or did not complete high school and, therefore, do not possess an equivalent credential such as a GED certificate or diploma from other states; Winter Garden stands out with slightly lower figures compared to the state average. City residents enjoy access to top colleges and universities, such as the University of Florida and over two dozen public and private universities and colleges, providing a solid educational base. Furthermore, its crime rate is 14% below the national average, making this city attractive for young families and individuals searching for safe communities to live in.


The economy in this city is flourishing, boasting businesses such as Publix Supermarket Corporation, Darden Restaurant Inc., and Dunkin’ Donuts operating here. Residents also enjoy shopping locally or in chain stores along the historic downtown corridor. The City promotes this program by giving free “shop local” stickers to new businesses opening shop locally; residents are also encouraged to participate in Shop Small Saturday events hosted by them.

Winter Garden boasts an annual median income of $90,157, higher than the US average of $28,555. Unemployment stands at 4.9%, lower than the national average of 6.0%, while its sales tax stands at 6%, slightly below its national equivalent of 7.3%.

Winter Garden commute times are, on average, 28.1 minutes each way to work daily, served by two airports: Orlando International and Sanford-Orlando Regional. Winter Garden is home to several prominent athletes and celebrities, such as NFL player Nolan Fontana, MLB pitcher Mason Williams, and YouTuber Adande Thorne.

Winter Garden, Florida, is an upper-middle-income city with a per capita income of $37,351. Residents in Winter Garden are highly educated, with 41.4% holding at least a bachelor’s degree or higher. Winter Garden has long been famous for young families moving here due to its affordable homes and robust job market; plus, multiple colleges and universities are nearby, providing students with the perfect environment for furthering their studies.